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Another Single-Game Humble Bundle Deal Launches

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  • Another Single-Game Humble Bundle Deal Launches

    Phoronix: Another Single-Game Humble Bundle Deal Launches

    Another "Humble Indie Bundle" is now available, but like the last bundle, there's only a single game being offered up. At least it's still multi-platform, DRM-free, and goes under a "pay what you want" model. Another catch is that the new game that forms this bundle is still in an "alpha" state...

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    Since when do bundles consist of a single item? I don't get it. This is what a "bundle" is:


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      i don't get it... why not just ad some opensource games and support the development to make a REAL bundle???

      cubs2 for example they can make a deal to sell cuba2 its also a cube like game with an cube like editor.

      its so simple if you have only 1 game to sell ad an opensource game and make an bundle.

      no this don't hurt this is only a nice service.

      and the people are not pissed by single game bundles.


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        Well, at least they dont call it bundle anymore...


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          Can you read?

          The Humble Voxatron Debut

          There is nothing said about a bundle.

          Just a buy and support a game if you like.



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            a scam

            this shit ain't "humble" or a "bundle".
            this is just some hacks trying to pull off Minecraft-like sham and getting profit with half-assed effort. only their effort doesn't even have a substance like Minecraft did.


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              Looks like they are trying to milk every last penny out of this marketing concept. But LOL at the 'easter egg' you get if you set the amount of money to pay to less than a dollar


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                i wonder if they will open source it or not...


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                  They're experimenting, why not?
                  Helping finance a game under development sounds like a decent idea, as long as they have enough to show for it.
                  It's still pretty balsy given that the Frozenbyte and Frozen Synapse bundles were the less successful.

                  (And yes, only the URL names anything releated to a bundle.)

                  The game reminds me of "8 bit pixel warriors" or something like that, on the PS3

                  As someone mentioned, open sourcing seems to have fallen out of favor, which is a shame, I'd love a mono-free Spacechem.


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                    Originally posted by Kakarott View Post
                    Can you read?

                    There is nothing said about a bundle.
                    Except for the article title.

                    Edit: And the URL.
                    Last edited by deanjo; 10-31-2011, 07:39 PM.


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                      Michael doesn't think that a game not made by a company with millions of dollars and corporate backers doesn't look good!? How shocking!

                      Honestly the game looks quite fun. And since when did we start complaining about the way pay what you want sales are run? Especially ones that support Linux and are DRM free?


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                        Originally posted by KameZero View Post
                        And since when did we start complaining about the way pay what you want sales are run? Especially ones that support Linux and are DRM free?
                        Just because something is pay what you want, supports linux and is DRM free doesn't mean that gives it an automatic free ride and excuse for being mediocre.


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                          Bought the game and tested it. It is fun to play basically, on lenny 64 bit the mouse got stuck however in the middle of the screen after quitting the game, did not happen on squeeze. This also does not happen with windowed mode. Well you dont need to pay much for it, but is a fun game for a little while. The gfx is very basic, runs on the slowest netbook...


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                            I was going to say 'Another one! I don't think I'll bother getting it this time.' Then I watch the video and I'm to intrigued not to try it out :S


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                              I've bought the other bundles, in fact I've spent over $60 on one of them, but I'm passing on this one..
                              Paying money for an alpha game? No thank you.. Should have just waited until it was ready.. There's no guarantee that the game will ever be finished..