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It's Not All Roses For The Latest Humble Bundle

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  • It's Not All Roses For The Latest Humble Bundle

    Phoronix: It's Not All Roses For The Latest Humble Bundle

    Last week marked the start of a new Humble Indie Bundle, but there isn't as much interest among gamers this time around...

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    I bought it when it was only one game, it's now three which isn't bad - I'm not sure why they didn't offer the 3 at once though - they'd have probably gotten more interest in the initial rush


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      i think this bundle was some sort of "test" or maybe they were trying to "squeeze" anything left from the old frozenbyte bundle (i think they may had succeeded, since lots of windows users got it this time; not so much for mac or linux, since most got it last time ).

      anyway Trauma and space chem are really good / unique and they should had offered them in the beginning...

      i will be getting it for those games.

      what they need now is new foundations (apart from the ones they already have), like open source ones! (let users decide which get the $)
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        Being upset about this "Give me ALL for FREE" - "I want more for less" society

        How can people complain about the Humble Bundle?

        It doesn't matter how often they do one or how much games are in.
        They give you the chance to pay what you like(!).
        Normally those games costs much more. Be happy that you can get if you WANT for a price you think it's worth for you.

        If you don't want the games - don't buy it.
        Else just pay what you want.

        They provide games for money for Mac-Linux-Windows. And you can choose how much it's worth for you.

        1 Cent at least.

        1 game 1 Cent
        5 games 1 Cent

        Yeah! Just complain. You want more. And all for free.

        But even then. I heard stories where people are given a gift and they complained about it.
        (Not just from the last Humble Bundles. Also from outside the computer and the Internet.)

        Holy crap!

        In what kind of civilization are we living in?

        Reminds me of that:
        40-50% of freshly produced good food are thrown away BEFORE it even sees a market. There is no need for ANY human being (on earth) to feel hunger.


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          I've held back on this one for financial reasons but I will get it before it expires. I did warn that they could lose good will if they keep messing around with the concept like this though.


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            Originally posted by Kakarott View Post
            In what kind of civilization are we living in?
            The kind that doesn't pay good money for games that are reminiscent of the Atari 2600.


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              With one game the bundle didn't seem worth it to me, especially since I had already bought the frozenbyte bundle. Now, with the added games, I've finally coughed up the money for the games + bonuses. I'll probably give away the duplicate licenses (i.e. steam keys) to either my wife or a friend.


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                Usually i do not play many games. The only commercial game I played longer on Linux was Caster 3d (as long as it was in the beta, did not buy it however, but would recommend to do so as it is simple and fun) and bought all humble bundles mainly to verify that the games run on Kanotix. I usally spent 1 $ to buy it, but this time selling only 1 game i only spent 1 cent. It was enough to find out that with Kanotix 64 with X from debian backports i had to write a tiny script that will allow to run the game on snb for example (extract the from the backported package and replace the one in the lib32 dir). This time you need to register with a unique serial to play online, similar to id games, just there you dont register your serial to a name. I did not like the game much, did not even finish the tutorial. The main reason seems to be to sell the other games again for those who missed the other bundle. But to be fair i would have added the new game to all former buyers of that bundle because it is a bit stupid to buy 2 times the same. The first frozen bundle was a good test for oss drivers however, it seems that noone cared about some opengl features before Trine was out for "mass" market.


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                  Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
                  The kind that doesn't pay good money for games that are reminiscent of the Atari 2600.
                  Lol. Some of them are actually quite good. But it's not such a bad idea helping to prove there's a market for linux games either, is it?


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                    I had only got it because of the other games and to donate to Child's Play, I wasn't able to participate in April, and wish I had. The other games in the bundle (if you didn't already have them) certainly appear to be some very good ones. I've played the space chem demo before and liked it (haven't grabbed the full game yet), haven't looked at Trauma again.


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                      I bought every bundle except the first at $15 - $20 mostly for support (they support Linux, I support them). This time I think I'll skip - what 1 game? Except now that SpaceChem is included I'm a little tempted (This somehow reminds me of Osmos, which was one of the very rare games that kept me playing for more than 10 minutes). Don't know... will try the demo. Tycho's quote:
                      Iíve been trying to even understand what is happening in Zachtronics Industriesí harrowing embolism manifold known as SpaceChem.
                      Is that even a compliment?!


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                        Unsuccesful? Wha?

                        I don't get the point about this being less successful than before. With basically one title (sans bonuses), they're headed to hit the $1M mark. $1M for one title is pretty damn good in my book.


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                          Frozenbyte quality

                          The whole thing strikes me as some sort of experiment by Frozenbyte to see what they can get away with. The Indie Bundles are chock full of value while the Frozenbyte bundles come off as a rush to make a quick buck. Remember that the first FB bundle was just three games with a (still!) unfinished title and a digital abortion that didn't even run under Linux. It didn't meet the mark of the Humble Bundles then and it doesn't hit that mark now. If anything, this is even worse than their freshman effort.

                          This is not coming from some sense of entitlement. As it has been pointed out, I can pay one whole red cent for this bundle if I want to. I get that. But I don't want this one-game bundle enough to go to the trouble of digging out my credit card. The enticement is just not there. Mind you, I bought the first FB Bundle which really kills any sense of motivation to buy this one. The implication that I'm some kind of scum for not seeing to it that FB makes two million bucks for a relatively half-assed offering is douchebaggery.

                          To those who would flame me saying "Buy it anyway to show support!" I say "Fuck you, I don't want it."


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                            Well i wont be getting this latest bundle on avg i have spent for the previous bundles 20-25 dollars this one didnt excite me even with the two extra games added, i already own the frozen bundle .
                            Also i dont know how it works if they approach indy devs or the devs approach them but if its the former there are a lot of mulltiplatform indy devs (who i would think) would jump at the chance to get their games out there if only for the advertising, getting revenge of the titans made me buy all the other games from puppygames. Penumbra made me get all the other frictional games as well.


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                              I went ahead and got the bundle once they added spacechem. A really fun game, and it runs really well on my linux box considering it uses mono, however it is a complete PITA to install on any distro except Ubuntu. Forunately there were clear instuctions on the web site. I wasn't too exited about this bundle though as I already had the frozenbyte one. Now I would be really excited if they rounded up an RPG bundle with five or six games.