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There's A New Humble Indie Bundle

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    And again no demo for Trauma.

    There's the web thing but I couldn't make it work (got stuck at 1% then black screen forever) and even if it worked in firefox it doesn't mean the downloadable version will work...


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      Originally posted by Sidicas View Post
      Coming from an iTunes user background, somehow I feel obligated to pay more money for DRM-free content as opposed to DRM content.. Like it's some kind of extra feature..
      You know, despite being linux geek I'm a long run user of Steam and I'm pretty happy with it even under linux/wine. So in my opinion DRM isn't a bad thing per se, what mostly matters is the way it done. Still it's pretty cool to have HiB games DRM-free and I agree that it might be considered an extra feature.


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        I have no problem with them offering a single game

        but it probably shouldn't be called a "Bundle" anymore. Call it a Humble Indie Game.