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id Software's Rage May Not Be Coming To Linux Soon

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    Originally posted by elanthis View Post
    Why the sad faces, troopers? Open Source bazaars are a better development methodology than the evil Proprietary Software cathedrals, right? Surely FOSS can build it's own games that rival $40,000,000 US titles! All you need is dedication, willpower, and love!

    And $40,000,000.
    Give FOSS a lot more time and they won't need the $40,000,000. In 2008, the Linux kernel alone was worth 1.4 billion.
    I like driving games and Racer, Rigs of Rods, VDrift, SuperTuxKart 0.7, TORCS, Mania Drive are all FOSS. I'm sure once Doom 3 source code is released someone will get the vehicles working as well as they do in ET:QW and make another racing/combat game.


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      @elanthis: amen for that!

      now with all this wayland success we need to support d3 on wayland before anything else! i wonder if D3 would gain graphics performance.

      Any thoughts?