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    Originally posted by Micket View Post
    What problems is desura actually solving?
    In my experience, the biggest hurdle is bugs. (Takinb the humble bundles and some open source games into account).

    Noone making games seem to know how to handle full screen. They all just fuck around with X, changing the screen resolution in all kinds of ways. This will almost always fuck up dual screen setups, or cause other headaches such as crashing and leaving the screen(s) in a messed up state, or steal the mouse/keyboard, preventing you tabbing out without quitting (fuck you Aquaria).
    This is a good read

    Or they just have some general bugs, segfaulting here and there.
    But if there is one thing i haven't had much problems with, its the download and installation (even though every single game have had their own method).
    Nothing desura could really do about that. Mabye wayland...


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      Originally posted by KameZero View Post
      Yes. Lots of companies like creating everything themselves from scratch and then keeping a repository updated.
      Don't forget about getting to do it for every major distribution! Everybody loves that sort of thing. Especially the accountants handling the programmers' pay.