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Introducing The R5 Game Engine

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    Originally posted by elanthis View Post
    That's the serialization format.
    Oh, sorry, got confused there a bit.

    You should work on that first, soon as the core framework is even remotely usable (which I'm guessing it is).
    That was the next milestone

    Thanks for the feedback.


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      Time for some clarifications

      R5 has a model viewer, and documentation. The documentation is in the code, however. The idea is that us, developers, quite frankly shouldn't have to open up a web browser in order to figure out how something works. We work with code, so why shouldn't the documentation in the code as well?

      It also does follow a component-based model. Object class is like a GameObject in Unity. Script class is like a Component in Unity. You build your game by attaching scripts to objects. Scripts can't exist without objects. It's almost exactly like Unity in this regard, except that the same system also applies to the UI: you have UIWidgets, and you attach UIScripts to them to make them do what you want.

      R5 has ASCII, binary, and LZMA-compressed file formats for models, textures, fonts, and JSON-like format files.

      It's also a hobbyist engine -- it's something I've been working on for years in my spare time, on and off. It's not meant to compete with Unreal, Unity, or id Tech 5. It is, however, meant to be free and easy to work with. As for some demos, here are some screenshots of a game I was making using the engine last year:

      Thanks for the feedback, guys. Tools are indeed important and I will be focusing on making an editor in the near future.


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        Introducing The R5 Game Engine

        What is the worst game ever made or at least the worst that you have played?


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          Originally posted by eugene2k View Post
          Since I'm the one working on linux support, you can take my word for it
          who's working on mac support?


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            Xreal is still going but it replaced itself from place. It is mainly on splash damage forum and they have made some progress.


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              Where can you download the complete package of the r5 engine?(Does it have a editor or a recommend editor?)