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    I have a backtrace for the crash I'm talking about.
    Xml::printUnusedData(): unused argument "reflection_mask=0" in "surface" node in "waterwar/nodes/other/progress_bar.node" file
    File common_network_statistics/.txt for common network statistics opened successfully
    File synchronization_statistics/_sync.txt for synchronization statistics opened successfully
    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    [Switching to Thread 0xb59eeb70 (LWP 8717)]
    0xa504fe06 in glGetIntegerv () from /usr/lib/nvidia-current/
    (gdb) bt
    #0  0xa504fe06 in glGetIntegerv () from /usr/lib/nvidia-current/
    #1  0xb7c45658 in GLMesh::flush() () from ./bin/
    #2  0xb79918e9 in RenderManager::createMesh(char const*) () from ./bin/
    #3  0xb7825d77 in ObjectMesh::loadWorld(Xml const*) () from ./bin/
    #4  0xb7700715 in Editor::load_node(Xml const*) () from ./bin/
    #5  0xb7701a32 in Editor::loadNode(Xml const*) () from ./bin/
    #6  0xb7705917 in World::loadNode(char const*) () from ./bin/
    #7  0xb779d8af in ExternObjectFunction<World, TypeList<Node*, TypeList<char const*, TypeListEnd> >, Node* (World::*)(char const*)>::run(Interpreter*) const ()
       from ./bin/
    #8  0xb73b385e in Interpreter::run(int) () from ./bin/
    #9  0xb73c2163 in Interpreter::runFunction(char const*) () from ./bin/
    #10 0xb733312b in EngineInterpreter::runFunction(char const*, int) () from ./bin/
    #11 0xb7706395 in World::flush() () from ./bin/
    #12 0xb7a1b5c0 in Physics::update() () from ./bin/
    #13 0xb7a1d210 in PhysicsUpdateJob::process() () from ./bin/
    #14 0xb7327b81 in EngineJobThread::process() () from ./bin/
    #15 0xb73632a8 in Thread::thread_handler(void*) () from ./bin/
    #16 0xb6b6496e in start_thread (arg=0xb59eeb70) at pthread_create.c:300
    #17 0xb6c45a4e in clone () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/i386/clone.S:130
    It happens the same way every time. And I think it happens whenever one of the heavy boats is destroyed.

    Another bug: every time you resume a savegame, music plays normally but other sound stops working.


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      I had no crash so far. Played the full tower defense (cheat codes are in the manual ), played a 1on1 for ~1 hour and no crashes.

      The rocket towers do not shoot at naval enemies on purpose? Haven't figured out for what they are yet... the heavy towers rock and with upgrades are really effective.

      What I wish, there are replay scripts saved in some folder but probably not implemented into the game yet. There should be some statistics shown at the end, not just "you won!" and that's it. How do I create mods?


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        I think there was a tooltip somewhere explaining that rocket towers only go after enemy aircraft.


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          Definitely glad I pre-ordered

          Although it's not stable on my machine yet (AMD64 2.6.35-25, Nvidia 7800GTX 260.19.06) and keeps dying with "Received signal SIGSEGV, invalid memory reference" I played it on a friend's computer tonight and it's squarely in the "simple (yet) fun" category of games, which is perfect in my opinion.

          Actually, it was a hell of a time getting it to run on my friend's machine, but only because he (as a gamer) had neglected his Linux install, although only having a copy of the Linux version gave a good excuse to set it back up, heh. When we tried to boot into it neither mouse nor keyboard would work. After bashing our heads against that problem for almost an hour (no one out there seems to have had that exact problem, and no fix we tried every made it any better) we just gave up, downloaded Kubuntu 10.10 (AMD64) for a re-install and . . . voila! The OS ran fine, and OilRush likewise (his system, for the record, is a much more modern system than mine, running the Ubuntu-shipped fglrx drivers for an HD5970 I believe).

          Worth noting, my friend said "hmm, yeah, it'll be interesting to see what this game turns into." I replied that I thought the general gameplay seemed to be there already; he went "hmm..." until I elaborated that the game costs $20. At that point he came back around! So, the final version should have at least one more sale


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            Mine crashed with that same error... but it also crashed when I booted back into windows and tried to do some folding. I toned down my oc from 3.86 to 3.84 and I forget the setting, but the one that needs to be twice the memory, mine is 1600 so it was at 3800, I dropped it to 3500, could go as low as 3200, but I want to run it as high as I can, as long as it's stable. It's been rock solid all night and day since then in windows folding both the cpu and video. Mine is a fairly high end system for the game, i7-950, 12gb ram, nv470, and a ssd drive. So, now that I know the system is stable again, I'm going to play some more. I went through both tutorials and was on wave 10 or 11 in the tower defense when it crashed.


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              Well, I wasn't sure it'd run on my little card (radeon3650), but it's quite playable, about 20fps windowed mode with max settings (little lower if there's plenty of action on the screen), and about 30fps with lowered settings. The originally cheapo replacement card has some life left in it yet.
              Had to setup 32bit sdl emulation lib (kudos dimko), but haven't had any game crashes as of yet. Works well with the rest of my system in windowed mode, for which I'm very thankful. Good to have a game just running on the side that doesn't mind if the cursor wanders off for other tasks for a while.