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Urban Terror HD: Going Away From Open-Source

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  • Urban Terror HD: Going Away From Open-Source

    Phoronix: Urban Terror HD: Going Away From Open-Source

    It's been two years since the release of Urban Terror 4.1, an open-source first person shooter powered by the ioquake3 engine that started out originally as a Quake 3 mod. Extensive work has been made towards the next release, Urban Terror 4.2, with significant improvements being made from new maps and visuals to a new graphics renderer. However, this past week the Urban Terror developers announced some rather surprising changes, which includes Urban Terror no longer being distributed as an open-source, GPL game...

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    Were they bought by Oracle, too?



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      ohh HD! wow does that mean its limited to 1080p? Gotta love buzzwords


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        no, the HD stands for horrible doody...


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          who cares... that game died with beta 2.6a.


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            I think this is a good thing because it is a potential step towards a broadened linux game market, not just open-source games.


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              Whats really interesting here is that they are not trying to capitalise on the much updated ioquake3 engine (compared to the original circa 1999 quake3 engine).

              I think this is a very strange move. And the only supporters thus far seem to extend from the illusion that a closed system would deter online cheating.

              And why on earth license the tech3 engine? Its a friggin' dinosaur. Even the tech4 engine is looking old these days.

              Strange move indeed.


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                Well I never liked the game anyway, so I couldn't care less.
                Still I agree it's a very weird move. I don't buy their argument of 'not having to keep backwards compatible'. They could've just forked ioquake and ship their own version for that.
                I guess they want to capitalize on their work, which is alright with me. I just think it'd be easier for them to just keep using the gpl'd code and just sell the game-assets (models, maps, etc) to which they own the rights anyway, just like steelstorm is doing.


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                  Well that sucks, I love playing UT from time to time, if its going paid for and closed source then that goes out the window.

                  I dont know how the already seemingly limited user-base will like paying for it, if your going to pay for it, why not buy CS:S or the like?


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                    Next announcement will be this stupid game is exclusive for Windows and MacOS X. No more Linux builds cuz the potential 'market' is negligible. Bah


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                      Did I miss something?

                      Urban Terror was a GPL game? I don't think so. Only the engine (ioquake) was GPL, the rest was all very much proprietary.

                      They just switched the engine, that's all. They started on top of a proprietary engine, which got open sourced at some point, and now they are moving to the proprietary one again.

                      You can still download ioquake3, you didn't lose anything, other than some closed and proprietary add-ons which were never free to begin with.

                      More info here (from 2007):


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                        Q3 shows its age, that's all.

                        I cannot even understand when people decide to release something using 11 yo engine.

                        However it's strange they chose UE3 engine - nowadays there are much better looking graphics engines available.


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                          Like Carmack said in one interview, The Q3 engine is pretty much the best that you can reasonably have for a fast competitive twitch shooter (which most of the Quake games were).

                          There is a good reason why Doom3 and Quake4 multiplayer never caught on. Most of the extra cool stuff gets disabled by any experienced player, and this is exactly the demographic UrT is targeting.

                          If you look at successful online competitive shooters, most of them use very old engines, often updated with small, necessary improvements and eye-candy. You don't need per-pixel lighting in a competitive online match, in fact, you don't want it.

                          Besides: UrT is a really really old Q3 mod. I played it almost 10 years ago.


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                            Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
                            Did I miss something?

                            Urban Terror was a GPL game? I don't think so. Only the engine (ioquake) was GPL, the rest was all very much proprietary.
                            That was exactly my impression. Too lazy to look it up now, though. And given the nature of the announcement, I care even less now about UT than 5 minutes ago--if that's at all possible.


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                              All my hope of having linux open-source game progress has just demolished, urt was my favoutire game and one of the things I liked was it being opensource, and I felt very excited by all of the new games that would use the new improvements to the ioquake3 engine. I hope something like what happens with nexuiz and xonotic happens here too, we're losign big games, this is not good.