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    Just for the records, Valve for example, is providing us with a binary only cross-distribution application for a decade now. Someone would say, "WTF is he talking about?", now. And I would answer: "Watch out for the dedicated Linux servers for HL(), CSS…"

    And as I said before, I still have a copy of SimCity 3000 from Loki, that haven't been updated for more than 8 years now and it still runs on Ubuntu 10.10.


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      Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
      I don't think he took the hint when I pointed some of that out to him- and I've been at it as long or longer than you have.

      What I want to know is where all these people are coming from with ideas and notions that Windows is "better" at this stuff than Linux. Different, I'd buy. Better, I'd not. (As an aside, I don't buy arguments of stability- I've had too many years doing work like providing sustaining engineering support for OpenGL drivers for AMD or developing code in places where angels fear to tread like a truly universal Thunking layer that worked the same for Win32s, Win32c, and Win32 that didn't involve merely wrapping each WoW layer with an abstraction layer and worked better than the answers MS provided because it worked both ways (which can't be said for the WoW layers...) In the end, if you touched the right edges they didn't change on you- but the same could be said of Linux.).
      The funny thing about these people, is that they never think for a second if the reason they cannot create portable apps is *maybe* their lack of skill...

      Just because someone knows how to code, doesn't mean he knows all. There is a reason we separate programmers from software engineers... There is a difference in class... Programmers need to be lead by engineers, they cannot see the bigger picture and create large and compatible programs.


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        Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
        What I want to know is where all these peen I ople are coming from with ideas and notions that Windows is "better" at this stuff than Linux.
        Simple: MS is far more aggressive when it comes to removing existing functionality when it comes to VB, VC, VC# (let alone kernel APIs), however, in the eyes of your average MSDN-developer (Back in the 90's I used to call them Dr-Dobbs-developers) when MS throws away existing API's it is "good because it's new (tm)", but when the Linux kernel adds a single parameters to a VFS function, Linux is considered unstable.

        The biggest irony is that in the OSS world, I have the code to play with, making it possible to recover missing/obsolete features or port new features and fixes into old systems. (E.g. Creating an updated RedHat Linux 9 [!!!] with up-to-date 2.4 kernel and update libraries).
        Lets see someone achieve the same with Windows 2000...

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