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Linux Game Publishing: "We Are Very Much Alive"

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    Originally posted by liamdawe View Post
    Cool it guys stop giving him so much flack.

    Sure i gave him flack for the Valve/Steam article but that was valid since there isn't any confirmation from Valve, but this article is short, sweet and to the point.
    There wasn't any confirmation from LGP when he did the first either- and he's not posted the other to the front page yet.

    Not that I'm mad or anything- just mildly miffed that he jumped the gun like this. He can do better and probably should've on this one.


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      Originally posted by sol-invictus View Post
      so whats the problem? if Michael wouldn't mention LGP i would not have heard about it! and there are for sure a punch of people who also like to know that there is a company which does commercial games for linux, alive and kickin'!
      It's the sequence of events, more than anything else. The "LGP dead/dying?" article was discussing rumor mill crap, pure FUD really, stirred up in recent times because there's been delays in responding to support queries and two months since the last blog entry. I was asked if I knew anything, to whit I'd responded that I'd been out of the loop for a while and knew very little. Then the article shows. Only a couple of days later the item shows up on Slashdot and Linux Today. That same day we see the response we're now discussing.

      If Michael could've waited a couple of days, I probably could have got the response we're now discussing without needing to spread the FUD about.


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        He likes to stir up noise. Unofficial noise.

        Micheal = LIAR


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          Hey, LGP now has demos on their site! That'll help a lot.

          And while it's probably not realistic, what I would quite like is to see are the biggest/best titles to be ported, like GTA IV and the like. Games that you hear about everywhere. But that's probably not going to happen..


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            Is linux gaming trying to become existentialistic.


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              Well, I'd see that an indipendent hardware company, trying to sell their "ubuntu devices" have an official board on ubuntuforums (it's called system76). Why LGP don't try something alike?

              Maybe for asking for an "official" board in the phoronix forums: all the visibility they need (immediate as they release something of interest) plus possibility to see "directly on field" which commercial linux games people is willing to pay for.

              The "humble indie bundle" did show that if you've the right ideas... you can still be able to get payed by linux user not differently form mac/windoers.

              Valve is actively letting "empty" that segment of market (the myth of the "os market global share")... but in business don't win who execute rules: win those who invent new rules.
              Some time ago "global market share" for gaming was in Nintendo hands... now it's just a 3rd player (basically, it's only the joypad which give them still meaning to exist now days)


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                I have a feeling Trine may be coming to Linux, now that LGP has stated they are working on unannounced titles. It would make sense, now that IGIOS and FrozenByte have worked with them in the past. Can't wait for more games. I have bought 4 games off them so far, and I will be buying more games.


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                  If they want PR they could make an account on ModDB/IndieDB and add the projects there. A huge amount of people (including Linux guys) are looking there... way more than here... and it provides interested users with the ability to watch (receive news and other updates immediately) as well as access to the projects. They could even get their stuff on Desura without any extra effort. Forum is of course inclusive if they want to but it's not necessary to have one.

                  But I don't think PR or being-known is their problem.