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    Originally posted by EarthMind View Post
    I wish they'd added instead of Aquaria since there is no Linux version.
    There is a full Linux version of Aquaria. It's only available through the bundle.


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      Wow, over $200k, any guesses on how much the totals will be when the sale is over?


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        Originally posted by Kano View Post
        Well even i bought it - just don't know yet when to those games yet. But all games should be packaged as deb not only World Of Goo.
        What about us poor RPM or other non-Debian users?
        I'm absolutely fine with .tar.gz and .sh packages.


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          For World Of Goo there is an rpm too, looks like if both packages are generated from the run installers (when it would have been compiled then the dates/sizes of the binaris would not be the same). The deb looks like created with dpkg-deb, but thats ok for this purpose, others do the same like teamviewer or softmaker. So why not create packages for the rest?


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            Great deal, great idea.

            World of Goo and Gish also come with 64-bit versions. All the games are very well done and good fun to play.

            Everyone should go for it.


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              Originally posted by whizse View Post
              There's a 75% discount on Black Plague and Requiem for anyone who buys the indie pack:
              Yeah I spotted that later on, but cheers anyway.


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                Bought Definitely some interesting titles in there. I already owned wog and penumbra, but the others are interesting too.

                I might as well mention that I was getting some horrible audio through aquaria until I renamed the libopenal file in the game dir (on ubuntu 10.04 btw).


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                  There's also now a 50% discount on pre-orders for Amnesia from Frictional Games at the moment.


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                    I'm in for $20. I've already purchased World of Goo three times now, I could do for a fourth.

                    For the curious, once for my PC, once for the Wii for my son, once as a gift.


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                      Originally posted by mugginz View Post
                      Just bought mine.

                      The Windows/Mac/Linux split's pretty interesting.

                      Stats as of this post

                      That is interesting since now they're up to ~40,000 contributions and the distribution is still about the same (possibly a % or more shifted into linux). That means there's been almost 10k contributions from linux. I'll be adding mine tomorrow.