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Yet More Signs Of Valve's Steam On Linux

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    Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
    I said but usualy do not require Steam.

    But that's up to the game 'labels'. If some company wants their game to ship like that, so be it; crappy stuff.

    However... And here comes the uber awesome part:
    If you buy a non-steam game in a retail store, which is also available on Steam, then you can just also enter the cd key in Steam, have it added to you Steam account also and when Steam goes down you had all the pros of Steam and also the non-Steam integration version on your disc.

    No problem, right?
    Unfortunately I have to object there too. I don't recall anymore the name of the game as it has been none of my interest but I'm sure there are others too where the Steam and Non-Steam version are not compatible. I've seen this multiple times already with pissed gamers who had the idea to buy the shelf version and got burned as they had to pay for the steam version too if they wanted to use it. Furthermore patches are a problem too. Non-steam patches don't work on steam version and vice-versa. I call this a mess to be frank. With that statement though I've got for sure a bunch of steam-tribbles all over me in no time.


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      Originally posted by Dragonlord View Post
      Not really. At least one recent games shows that Steam is used as DRM and without steam you can not play the game.
      All games sold on Steam use it as DRM. You can't play them offline unless you set up offline mode


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        You never have to pay again when you use the feature to add the serial. If that does not work then somebody else used that serial.

        Also with a fast internet connection it is really nice that you don't need backups of your games when you install a new pc. They are just downloaded again - for slow connections you should use the backup feature however...


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          I guess this is a question of trust. If they decide you are not a "good" customer they can block all your games and then all this stuff is totally useless. In fact I would not even entrust Valve with guarding one single dime of me. What are you going to do if they incorrectly kill all the games you bought with your hard earned cash? Do you really want "them" to decide "when" you are allowed to play and especially "if" you are allowed to play? That's like having to ask a government agent every time you want to use your car for permission as otherwise you can not drive the car.

          And yes, the problem with the serial does exist and is not because the serial is in use. It happened with games which had steam and non-steam versions. If you bought the shelf version you still had to pay again for the steam version. That's what I call ripping people off.


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            Very unlikely that this happened with valve games - maybe with others.