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Nexuiz re-make on the 360

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  • Nexuiz re-make on the 360

    Hi, I came across this link from reddit:

    Independent developer and publisher, IllFonic, announced today its plans to launch the futuristic arena first-person shooter Nexuiz across downloadable console platforms in 2010. Originally developed by Alientrap Software as a free open source shooter in 2005 for the PC, Nexuiz has been downloaded by over 4 million unique users. IllFonic's remake of Nexuiz for console gamers features a new Victorian influenced art style that is simultaneously futuristic and sophisticated.

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    Can't say that I can picture Nexuiz in a "Victorian" flavor. I wonder how the game mechanics will fare on console control schemes.


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      Steampunk, I guess. Maybe complicated control schemes will be part of the game design


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        Hope the Nexuiz devs get a big cut.


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            The level shots make me think Warsow, and the character models scream WoW. Can't say I find the art appealing. Oh well, it's going to be on a console, so it has to be shinny for the kids . Hopefully the core game mechanics are not altered much. Not that I would play it, but for the sake for the original game's reputation it better not give the wrong impression.


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              The original Nexuiz is under the GPL, so they can't just port it without also distributing the source to all the console players, so are they planning on doing a rewrite from scratch?


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                Originally posted by curaga View Post
                Hope the Nexuiz devs get a big cut.

                If the game is successful there will be royalty in the way of percentage of the game's profits once it is sold. Since Nexuiz is a community driven project Alientrap will be open with the royalty rates, these profits will help to maintain and develop Nexuiz along with Alientrap's projects in the future. Terms of the agreement are confidential but Alientrap will be open to it's developers on the splits the company receives.


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                  This post show a different vision:


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                    While this is sad, I think they make a very important point (at


                    Nothing. Yes, that’s right.

                    Why nothing? You have to understand how licensing works.

                    A person (or other legal entity, such as a company) creates something (code, artwork, etc.) In most countries, the creator automatically becomes the copyright holder. You can also aquire the copyright from the holder (presumably that’s what Illfonic did).

                    The creator has full rights to the stuff they created, and other people have none. So, in order for other people to be able to do anything with that stuff, the creator gives them a license which allows them to do certain things.

                    The creator can give how many licenses he wants, and they can be different licenses for different people.

                    In this case, Alien Trap and ID Software already gave the world at large the Dark Places engine under the GPL license. Then they also issued another license (or transferred copyright ownership altogether, which would mean they stop being the holders) to Illfonic.

                    But the interesting thing is that copies of the stuff that was already distributed under GPL cannot be “recalled”. You cannot go back and say that you want all those copies destroyed, returned, require people to stop using them or developing them etc. Same goes for the game data.

                    Basically, there’s absolutely nothing anybody can do to stop the community from picking up from the last official release of Dark Engines and the release of the game data and keep on going.

                    Look at it like this. Nexuiz, as you all know and love it, is now twins. One brother goes to live with uncle Illfonic and one stays at home. They both start from the same place. They are identical. But they will evolve in different ways in the future. How — that depends on you, the community, vs Illfonic. Each party will take their twin in a different direction.

                    You haven’t lost anything. Illfonic cannot take anything from you. If their game becomes a success and yours dissapears it will be mainly because of what you do, not about what they do. Here’s hoping they both will do great.

                    Yet, the community will need to wait until equally competent developers arrive, for progress to proceed.

                    Still, thanks for the development so far!


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                      I didnt understand a single thing that above post says. I think they are using these "copyright" assignment and transfer talk and not mentioning that they cannot use GPL code and just cheerfully close it and turn it propietary. It really saddens me to see people like Paul ‘Echon’ Jackson, the guy who made the quake engine port EGL, Forest ‘LordHavoc’ Hale, Dark Places guy, and Chris Holden, on board with this dubious Illfonic people.

                      Illfonic is already pulling their strings they have with Lord Havoc to close threads about this on Alien Trap's own forum as shown here: And art assets too, I dont think they got the all clear from every contributor of every art asset made for nexuiz that they are going to include in this console release.

                      They mention too that they got a "DarkPlaces license". Can Lord Havoc do that at all? Isnt DarkPlaces a derived port of the GPL'ed quake 1 engine?


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                        Some perspective

                        Wait a moment, why is this development sad? What's so bad about the developers deciding to make some money after working their asses out for free, year after year? It's not as if the new port will render us unable to able to play the game we all know and love!

                        What we have here is a new game, with different art assets and similar mechanics, targeting a different, completely proprietary platform. Why do current players feel they are somehow affected by this is beyond me. (Or have you actually forked your money to Microsoft for an Xbox? Sorry, but you don't get to gripe about the non-GPL license then).

                        Best of luck to them, I say.


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                          Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
                          Wait a moment, why is this development sad? What's so bad about the developers deciding to make some money after working their asses out for free...
                          Well the development isn't sad if they're not using community contributed code and assets.

                          I certainly wouldn't want to have code that I contributed to the project become the property of someone else without my say so. I don't know if this is happening, but if anything like it was to then I'm sure there'll be a bit of a backlash to say the least.


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                            But that is not what happened. What in principle should be good news is, for some reason, perceived as an insult to 'the community'. The guy from Illfonic sounded perfectly reasonable and wasted his time trying to explain what the situation was. In return he got more of the same whining, insults and threats to give bad publicity to his project. And what is 'the community' bitching about? Well, they don't sound very coherent, apparently they demand Illfonic to adopt a different name (even suggesting that it should be 'the community' to decide it) and to have an equal clicking area in Illfonic's web site...Yeah, we're getting pretty serious now. Oh, and they want stuff back (from where, one would ask?). Engine improvements are not enough, apparently, they'd like art assests too (so they can mix and match ala OpenArena I presume?).

                            Whatever, I hope the game does well.


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                              I certainly wouldn't want to have code that I contributed to the project become the property of someone else without my say so. I don't know if this is happening, but if anything like it was to then I'm sure there'll be a bit of a backlash to say the least.
                              As someone who has had his MIT/X11-licensed code integrated into a proprietary, closed-source offering (by a major Linux player, no less), all I can say is... this isn't always bad. The increased project visibility and/or code contributions may be worth it (keyword: may).

                              Then again, GPL explicitly prevents this "attack vector", by not allowing relicensing under closed-source terms. Which means one of four things may have happened here: (a) the core Nexuiz devs required all contributors to assign copyright to the Nexuiz team (which means they can relicense as they please)
                              (b) they hunted down all contributors and got their written approval for the license change
                              (c) they simply removed all GPL code not contributed by themselves
                              (d) they XBox port will actually remain GPLed (but the new assets won't).

                              Now, they interesting thing is how they will gain access to the XBox devkit. The freely available tools are C#/XNA-only, which means they are not suitable for the job. Or will they port the game to an XBox-capable engine (like the upcoming version of Unity3d)?