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Epic Games Changes Story, Unsure About UT3 Linux Future

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    Originally posted by Setlec View Post
    Well actually i was referring to Valve's Source engine, HL 2, which is an old engine but yet always taken care of... From what we FOSS have is a bunch of forks of various engines... Like AlienArena is based on quake 2 engine, Xreal is based on quake 3 engine. What I really want to see is a unique engine which could have a manpower of all those quake X variants into one fork, maybe it's selfish to say that but we linux user aren't very blessed by the Gaming Industry. I'm a really noob programmer and i started programming not long ago and what i see is that many projects brings "new" but old features. a game engine which is very old is now updated but haven't feature a triple A game has, ie: ETQW. Maybe you are confused by this post but it's also true that that's my feeling about FOSS games on linux. I am confused! why don't we have like a big meeting on IRC and start making a list of what FOSS games currently have and not, and share the information. It would be better, i think. I love FPS games but i hate Deathmatch. I play constantly ETQW, it's an objective game which we can fly helicopter, drive tank and mess with the ennemy's head. We lack also tools to make maps, i mean why the current tools doesn't offer that ETQW map editors or Source sdk have? Reverse engineer isn't the way...
    We've seen some fruits from a similar thing with game ports conducted on this forum...perhaps you could re-start some of the FOSS specific discussions or create some new threads? Some of the problems lie in that it's neither easy, nor glamorous at times, to do game development and the FOSS project stuff falters at those junctures many times.

    IF we can create a standard for FOSS gaming we can work with Mesa (Nouveau and AMD/ATI opensource) dev teams in order to make good games and get better 3D acceleration drivers, right?
    Well...this implies that the lack of games being available is part of the problem. It might be. It might not. Gallium3D work is moving at a decent enough pace- but it's glacial as far as we're all concerned because they lack the manpower to effectively speed it up. Coming up with a gold-standard engine won't speed that aspect of things up. It'll give them something to aspire to on their work- but it won't speed it up any just because it's there.


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      Originally posted by Setlec View Post
      I don't know why but every time that i read your post i feel like you are trying to make windows users hostage of linux by making the "charity" for linux only. Forcing ppl to switch to linux is the same thing that MS wants to do with linux users, switch them to windows platform... Where does Freedom stands in this situation?
      Is not the same if you think that everyone can have Linux for free and just dual boot with Windows, while for the opposite you must give your money. Is a very practical but very important reason.


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        Warsow on the other hand is multiplatform and very popular on Windows, among a huge list of games that are available to Windows.
        Originally posted by energyman View Post
        yeah, you don't know anything. You just have shown it. All three I mentioned above are multiplatform.
        You didn't understood my post. Warsow is cross platform, which means available on Windows too, and succesful among Windows gamers. The other games, I never said that they were not corss-platform, are not succesful, while avaible, on Windows. So compared to other games it sucks. That was the entire point. But maybe you need to re-read my post?

        But continue with your stupid stuff. The problem is not a lack of projects, the problem is lack of manpower.

        But why don't you stop complaining and start doing something?
        I believed I already was and with that adressing the lack of manpower problem...

        What is your problem with me?


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          Hmmm both Warsow and Nexuiz are great games. But I don't understand what Nexuiz lacks in comparison with Warsow?


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            Originally posted by Apopas View Post
            Hmmm both Warsow and Nexuiz are great games. But I don't understand what Nexuiz lacks in comparison with Warsow?

            From Wikipedia:
            The very competitive gameplay of Warsow focuses heavily on movement and trickjumps.[3] Many of the tricks in Warsow, which originate from the Quake series, include circle-jumping, bunny hopping, strafe-jumping, double jumping, ramp-sliding, and rocket jumping. Warsow also gives players the ability to dash, dodge or wall jump, tricks that were originally possible in the Unreal series. It uses a separate button for most of the special movements, making it easier to use them while doing other things at the same time.[4] The various movement tricks combine to add an extra dimension to the gameplay; as the player's proficiency at moving increases, they are able to collect health, armour and weapons more quickly, and to overpower less capable enemies. The variety and flexibility of the physics has spawned an entire community dedicated to competing on the various Race maps that the game offers.[5]
            Warsow also has a unique power-up system for weapons. In addition to regular ammunition, ammo boxes found on the map contain strong ammunition. Strong ammo either increases a weapon's power or modifies its behaviour to make it more effective. Weapons are restricted to using strong ammunition until depleted, at which point it would switch back to using regular ammunition. Unlike Unreal, Warsow weapons do not have an "alternate fire" option (pressing a different button to use different attacks with the same weapon).


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              I seem to remember, a year ago, commenting in a similar thread. I can't be bothered to go and find it but I'm willing to bet good money that I was disapointed and upset.

              Having said that, no, I honestly do not care about UT3 these days. I got it as part of a super discount pack on steam; installed it once... fired it up... never.

              So, lets just move on. Epic is never going to release a Linux version of UT3 for whatever reasons thay're happy to release in a press statement. Cool, we can deal. Not going to buy an Epic title again until they deliver on their promises mind, but there you go.