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Good News, id Tech 5 Is Likely Coming To Linux

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  • Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
    IIRC, they will not license id tech 5 outside of Bethesda/Zenimax at all.

    So we might see it in some Bethesda games, but Carmack made it clear that they are getting out of the engine licensing business and leaving it to the likes of Epic. I think that they lost that battle a long time ago anyway.

    This leaves id in an odd position IMHO. They are at the top of the stack when it comes to technical quality, always have been. They are still great at creating atmosphere. They don't (and have never had!) the feeling for storytelling, cinematic immersion and whatnot, and their games have always been about action wrapped up in a simplistic story that gives you just enough reason to go somewhere and shoot something or pogo-stick to some location, ever since Commander Keen.

    It seems like the new generation expects different types of games today, and id cannot (and will never be able to) produce them. I can only see them making Doom clones and online shooters. Personally, I can live with that just fine.
    I don't believe id lost the engine licensing battle. I just believe it wasn't doing them as many favours with the way they constructed their game engine. I think that it's in their favour to make a great game rather than just a great game engine. You're right that they aim for less == more. Sometimes too much story / atmosphere distracts from the point of it all... Here to play a game not watch a movie!


    • id software linux website doesn't work:


      • A Post from the user flibitijibibo of steam forum:

        Originally posted by flibitijibibo
        Hmm... some bad news, gentlemen.
        Originally posted by IRC!
        <desti_T2> TTimo, whats up with it?
        <kevlarman> and
        <TTimo> all retired
        <TTimo> the content from zerowing I'm working on moving to
        <kevlarman> TTimo: and ftp?
        <TTimo> same. they didn't want to run/maintain it anymore
        <kevlarman> i mean, what about the linux binaries of id's games that haven't had source dumps yet/won't have source dumps
        <kevlarman> those don't really make sense on i.o
        <R_Nev> where am i going to download the commander keen source now?
        <TTimo> I know, that was brought up too. none of this is my decision obviously. they will communicate about it .. if they want to
        <kevlarman> and still no official word on rage?
        <kevlarman> *
        <TTimo> that's kind of in the same boat probably
        <TTimo> with the responsibilities I have now, I'm not really available to work on any of that
        <Nemoder> ah bummer
        <Nemoder> would it help to sign an online petition? :P
        <TTimo> do those ever help? they're more likely to look at it and say .. hey look, less than 10k people signed this .. why should we care again?
        <Nemoder> hehe yeah
        Sounds like they're having some trouble. It's too bad I'm pretty much the only one in the US that bought Rage... :P

        Seriously though, any ideas?


        • Happy to hear this


          • So basically iD out of games for linux now.

            so no Rage, no STEAM/SOURCE, no Postal3, no Unreal3

            just leaving indie's who prob just do linux to help get sales. linux and gaming has never looked so dire


            • Originally posted by Naib View Post
              just leaving indie's who prob just do linux to help get sales.
              Just saying, that's the only reason they do any platform :P


              • is back online:



                • The id software ftp server is online again.