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Indie Game Studio Amazed At Linux Sales

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    Originally posted by bnolsen View Post
    I dont buy games anymore that won't run on linux and only use wine for work purposes. I wonder how many users like me are out there waiting for something.
    Not me. I play anything that works under wine, honestly DirectX9 is pretty much implemented on Linux by now. For example all of the Telltale games that I love, plenty classics like Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island etc. work without any problems now on 1.1.29. Another big favorite is King's Bounty, new HOMM-style game only much better. Publishers won't ever notice those not buying their games. They will notice posts of all the annoyances of making it work on Linux, and maybe finally ask "Hmm.. could we help these people to a better gaming experience?" They really are more receptive once you've put your money where your mouth is and realize it's not just people asking for a Linux version and a free pony. At least if you want the (near) same-time cross-platform release I want. Paying for grossly overpriced ten year old games? No way. Then I'd rather donate it to some open source development or whatever.


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      Don't repeat, but I think I even would pay higher price for a UT3 linux client...


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        Now you will play a really low price. When you think of prey, it was released when the game was available for about 4 euro+shipping


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          A similar story happened with the Penumbra trilogy. 3 horror adventures from frictionalgames. Here is an interesting part of the main article they have in their website.
          ...We also came in contact with Helios - the Linux blogger with a big heart for many things. He wanted to do a write-up on the Linux version and got all excited about making it fit with the weekend deal and, oh my, did he make it fit!

          Due to the blog, the Slashdot article about the blog, Linux and Mac sites posting of the PR we ended up with an excellent weekend of chaos. Because of this we are now as good as set to focus completely on making the next game, which is great compared to spending most of the day working on survival solutions....
          Also, in their forums they said:
          ...Since the windows version is sold at so many places and also as a boxed version(s), there is no exact figures really. But some sort of estimate would be that Windows is 90% of the units and linux 6% with the mac at 4%...