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Last Call For Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

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  • far too many 1posters with obvious signs of not being linux users

    ill just sit on my 2 beta keys


    • Wondering if I could still get a beta key for Heroes of Newerth. I'd love to see what the game is like on linux(I run fedora 10) and I've never played any closed source games on linux so I'd love to see the progress.


      • i would also love to test the game.


        • key

          hi Im Fonki and i need a beta key i search 2 week and i dont found 1 key pls give me 1 e-mail address:
          thank you


          • Open suse

            I wanna try run it on linux open suse and test my new video board, if you could email one of this keys to you wil make me too much happy
            see ya


            • hey guys, can someone spare me a beta key for Heroes of Newerth?
              My friends already have some and all I can do is watch them play..
              can someone save me from the horror??


              thanks in advance.. ^_^


              • Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                Phoronix: Last Call For Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

                A week ago when S2 Games let us start handing out beta keys for Heroes of Newerth, their forthcoming title that is currently undergoing closed beta testing. In about 24 hours we had already given out around 450 beta keys and Linux gamers were very excited...

                I would like to request a beta key


                • I would like to request a beta key


                  • Hey, I was wondering if there were anymore keys left?

                    I'm very excited about trying this game. I was a Dota player for about 2 years and I really liked the game. Now its time to try this game so please send me one key if there are anymore left.




                    • can i have some beta keys im dying to play this game pls my email


                      • HON Beta Key

                        Can i Ask a beta key for Heroes of Newerth??
                        i want to play....
                        I've been searching beta keys but no one gave me....
                        pls help me..
                        i just want to play this game...

                        thanks for ur help...

                        plz just send it my my


                        • can i have some beta keys if you still have some pls my email


                          • hey i am huge Linux and Dota fan and want to try this game. I would be grateful if you can spare a invitation for me. My e-mail Thanks in advance


                            • Girl Gamer, needs beta key

                              Hi, I'm a Dota addict and I'm very interested in HON. But I couldn't get a beta key. Can you give me one please? Thanks. Here's my email:


                              • Beta Key Sir..

                                Requesting for beta key here sir..

                                Thank you..

                                More power phoronix..