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    Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
    How come your employed and im not, especially when im the one who knows how to read.

    Do you rly need an explanation? like serious? I dont mean to be rude but its not hard to miss. Its the big fat thread with almost 100 pages of posts.

    i should apply to Howies, my resume would look something like:

    Good lord L33F3R you get the job!
    maybe its because the employer cant read either, so maybe that was the 'required' skill.


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      Originally posted by Bölvağur View Post
      1. *edited* does s/he need a reason... like really?
      2. You are saying you are wanting to try the game out, not beta test to reduce number of bugs by reporting them.
      3. It looks like you are waning to it up at a public place while the agreement of betatesting it is (might have changed) that you are not allowed to even talk about the game or show it to people.
      actually the reason is much, much simpler then that.


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        Originally posted by odysseuz View Post
        ok so explain the reason that i can not get one?
        I'll just say it: You're asking in the wrong thread. I wont point you to the right one though, you'll have to find that yourself. :P
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          Can you give me a key please?, My mail is


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            Originally posted by Pxtx View Post
            Can you give me a key please?, My mail is
            posting the same little blurb in every thread will undoubtedly give you a key.