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Alien Arena 2009 Brings New Gaming Improvements

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    I remember playing Q3 alot with aimbotters, and still getting the best of them

    AFAIK, there have been no reported instances of aimbotters in AA, though the occasional speed hacker shows up.


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      Originally posted by Dragonlord View Post
      Main problem is also cheating. In open games this is a lot harder to control than in closed ones... and you don't want to know how main aimbotters and speed hackers are around on public servers even in closed AAA titles ( besides the large number of fucking micro abusing morons or grievers ).
      Online gaming is growing but gets more intoxicated by the day. The players are getting younger and younger while the average IQ drops equally. I put the controller down due to children and assholes and now it seems my keyboard is fast approaching the same fate.


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        The most important thing are vote-kicks. This way an Admin doesn't have to look after all played matches. If enough people vote to kick somebody this has the same effect as an Admin issuing a kick. Allows players to regulate the matches themselves. Obviously needs a majority of people voting for a kick but that's usually the case if somebody really annoys the fuck out of everybody.


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          @Dragonlord: or it allows a few pissed-off players to kick a legitimate player they don't like..


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            Nope, as I said, you need a qualified majority ( meaning 66% of votes or 75% of votes ). So if you have already 10 people playing it needs 6 or 7 yes votes to trigger a kick.