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Wishlist for Porting Projects (Pt. 2)

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    Originally posted by Licaon View Post
    @Svartalf: what about becoming a game dev for a game currently in production? ( or did i miss your thoughts and results on this ? )
    If you're good enough, step up and go looking for them- but they're not going to hand you anything work-wise unless you're a proven. You're going to have had work in this industry or have a decent portfolio of stuff in hand from the indie or personal space to do that.

    while porting old games is a good thing(TM), buying them again for Linux is not, as long as i can run them with WINE ( guys/gals don't start the WINE vs. native flame-war please )
    There's not a flame war...only the reality of that route. You can frame it however you like, but what I've said (I won't get into it in deference to your request) still stands.

    i feel that having a future game with a Linux version would impact the gaming media/ecosystem/etc better than being always one step behind, where it always looks that 'those crazy Linux/Mac guys are so nostalgic, playing that 7 years old Windows game'
    being there from the start could shape a better future for the engines too, like not using some proprietary non-portable middle-ware and etc
    I've already got one new one, working on a couple of others. It's the indie stuff on the list (and there's a bunch of REALLY good titles on the list that're that...) that you'll have a better chance of making what you're talking to happen.

    and a good example happened recently, as ET:QW was developed for Linux almost at the same time, and the release was a bit later, while UT3 had Linux as an afterthought and is still not done
    Actually, it wasn't an afterthought. It just wasn't RELEASED to us. They had the very thing you talk to going on (Ryan typically doesn't do just servers...think about that for a long moment... )- but opted to delay for whatever inscrutable reasons they had. And you could be involved with a AAA title and have it go sideways on you just like it did with Ryan on UT3.


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      besides LGP and icculus, what other dev/company can you recommend ?


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        Originally posted by Licaon View Post
        besides LGP and icculus, what other dev/company can you recommend ?
        Most of them are in-house (TTimo and iD, for example...) and there's a couple trying their hand in the space (as an example, RobbieAB... ) coupled with some that're trying to strike out a bit on their own (as an example, Myself- I'm not breaking ties with LGP, but there's a bit more to be done with the Indie space than they're in a position to do...).

        As to "recommend"...I'm not sure what you're getting at. Are you saying you have a prospect in hand with someone and need devs to carry it out?


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          Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
          As to "recommend"...I'm not sure what you're getting at. Are you saying you have a prospect in hand with someone and need devs to carry it out?
          nope, I'm just trying to find out what options there are out there so in case my voice is heard i can point out someone that could do it


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            Originally posted by Licaon View Post
            nope, I'm just trying to find out what options there are out there so in case my voice is heard i can point out someone that could do it


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              Originally posted by wolterh View Post
              Thanks for the welcoming, L33F3R!
              Oh, and by the by, don't take my commentary wrong... You're welcome and keep providing input, but MGS and Atari/Infogrames aren't going to be at all interested in providing the time of day to us.


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                But I loved the 3D games! You guyz are just upset becaues they played differently.
                Well, Worms 3D wasn't that good, but Worms 4 is good once you get used to it. I love playing that game with my friends.


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                  I've noticed there are a few Ubisoft titles on there, so might I add Assassin's Creed and the Prince of Persia games to the request?


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                    that's a good call. What's Ubisoft's general attitude towards linux? I think its a good idea to make a list of cooperative publishers and nazi ones (obviously MS and infogrames are listed).


                    • as for urban warfare which Svartalf has added to the list, here is an email i got back from one of the devs(Jason) for future reference:


                      Unfortunately, I am unable to oblige you in your request, as I do not posses the rights to the source code. Since it was produced as a school project, the school owns the rights to the code and we are not allowed to distribute it.

                      Sorry, but you'll just have to remake the game on your own.

                      cout << "On request from Svartalf" << endl;


                      L33F3R's obvious description:
                      Fragfist is a game that you cant play as it is a student project . Looks pretty damn cool tho! You run around in car things and go BOOM BOOM to eachother!
                      Web Description:
                      Fragfist is a 3D Multiplayer Action-Shooter with vehicles. It's set in a hostile post-apocalyptic urban enviroment.
                      The basic idea behind it is taking the vehicle-parts from common FPS titles, like the Battlefield-series; FarCry; UT2k4 etc, and building a cool game around it.
                      In Fragfist players can choose from at least three different vehicles that can be customized with new Weaponry throughout the game.
                      Gametypes playable are Deathmatch and King of the Hill.
                      The game features at least one map.

                      Fragfist is being developed by three Art and Animation students of the Games Academy Germany and a Computer Science student of the Technische Universitaet Berlin.
                      Rendering: Ogre
                      Physics: PhysX
                      Networking: Raknet



                      • Brilliant initiative!

                        May I suggest that you start your list on the first page with positive/negativ developers/publishers. That seems more efficient as the game list is getting very long.

                        One question also. Is there a general porting problem if the game has been developed with DirectX 10 or more recent in mind? That would also help sieving through game space.

                        If possible, it may even lead to a tabulated list. Well, with the risk that Big Bad M will come knocking on their door, ruining any chance to get the game ported.
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                        • Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
                          Anything of Bullfrog belongs to EA. Startopia's rights belong to Eidos. You MIGHT be able to find someone from Mucky Foot that still has the assets and code because they just simply shuttered themselves- but you'd have to get Eidos to sign off on that. Heh... Just because a studio's no-more, doesn't mean you're going to get an easy shot at a game.
                          yeah i know. it's not just a matter of finding the ex-developers, but also figuring out where did the code and copyrights transfer to.

                          well, i actually know one developer; maybe we ought to give it a shot? ( )


                          • Great work Svartalf, any news about upcoming shadowground survivors? It seems to stalled in beta stage.

                            Oh and how about the Iron Sky, just curious becouse it will be developed by the same studio that start to make port for Shadowgrounds survivors...


                            • Wing Commander

                              I suggest you revisit this property. EA Had backup tapes of Origin Systems Inc. If you can get permission from EA to use the contents of the tapes. The guys who run can provide you with copies. They recently went into EA Mythic and went through the tapes/cdrom archives copying off as much stuff as they could get their hands on. THERE WAS SOURCECODE to games in there. Including code to unreleased titles. I myself am in possession of some sourcecode elements of Wing Commander: Prophecy (Wing Commander 5). My advice is to contact EA first. will be willing to help you (they love the games and all platforms they exist on) but only if the effort looks serious and it can get EA approval. If you're lucky you could get the code to 13+ titles from that archive alone not to mention a bunch of Ultima games. They did find code to all sorts of things in there. Anyway the main point is. EA has abandoned those titles. They may allow you to port them but EA has no idea what they are in possession of at the moment. They basically shoved all the Origin stuff in a big box and put it in a warehouse. Please look into this more. It's probably very feasible.


                              • Beyond Good & Evil ! Awesome game !