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    The Prey Linux Dedicated Server for version 1.1 is over @ Icculus' site
    Michael Larabel


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      Originally posted by Shadewalker View Post
      They started out with a very portable codebase (see Doom3, Quake4) and no doubt screwed it over completely, but as they're too ashamed to admit this fact, they cover themselves up with lies such as insufficient demand for a linux port.
      I doubt it's lies, per se, or that they've broken the engine completely.
      It's very probably more to do with total unfamiliarity with the OS-
      realize that Ryan did the server port for 'em- this sort of thing really
      isn't that hard unless you're afraid/unsure of the platform because it's
      "different". (And, I know this to be the case because I do it all the
      time, whether it's for games or other applications. What's funny is
      that they hired this out to Ryan- and they could have had local talent
      do it for them in-office for probably less than they paid him to do
      it with a bribe to allow me to port it to Linux or get LGP a cheap
      shot at it with me doing the work for 'em... Oh, well... )

      Remember that most game developers are dealing with Windows or some
      proprietary embedded thing that was inflicted upon them via the console
      players- Linux is an utterly alien concept to many of them if they don't
      use the OS themselves. Considering that two of the three next-gen
      consoles use Linux at their hearts, perhaps this story will change some.
      There'd be less of a reason/excuse at that point other than publishers
      not wanting to muck with the Linux desktop space. Even that can be
      dealt with over time.


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        Originally posted by niniendowarrior View Post
        Nope. Even if the code was portable, the company still needs to expel resources to get the code ported. Every minute burned on trying to get a Linux port out is money used, I think companies won't necessarily do the math and risk the Linux market for a consumer base of '?'.

        And posting requests on forums surely makes your voice heard, it doesn't make you representative of the "demand". That is done by a company's own case study.

        If you disagree, then that's fine. We'll just agree to disagree.
        Heh... Depends on whether or not they publish it themselves or release
        it themselves. What's funny (and I hope they see it that way too...) is
        that there's a Linux developer, a consultant for LGP, all of about 3-4
        miles from their offices that'd love to have had the shot at it all.