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    60 fps is perfectly fine - best on a 60 or 120 hz displays. A more flexible engine can help in cases where the monitor has a differnet refreshrate but i think 30 or 60 fps restrictions are made mainly for multiplayer matches - with older engines those with faster systems had an advantage because they saw the enemy faster at the correct position. Thats why hardcore gamers only need high fps instead of high res and effects - you have to be trained of course to use the advantage. An untrained player can use the fastest system on earth and would still fail.


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      I meant in fact more driving a C backend calling into C++ classes or whatever. So calling from static functions into objects is easier than trying to wrap objects into static calls. But I agree with you there that templates are overdone and OO often too. One should also pay attention to virtual calls. One of the tricky bits in all my design: call virtual only if needed. Nothing beats though thinkingly aligned structs in sequential mode

      I would stake the claim that a high resolution mouse and training helps more than higher framerates.


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        ok i've been quite away from my own thread and it's kinda off topic now... so here is my question again! What features will be available in Id tech 4 when open sourced?

        *mega texture?
        *voip system?