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LGP Prepares For Massive 24-Hour Linux Sale

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    Thanks LGP for the sale. I've been meaning to get X3 for a while and you just gave me a good excuse for the wife . Looking forward to the game.


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      Security issues, how nice...
      well i tried to order some games with my cash card but the system wouldnt accept the card


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        I got my two games Cold War and Jets n Guns a few days ago. Both seems pretty nice but I have not had time to try them out.

        Oh, and I also got my new credit card to replace the "tainted" one...


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          I bought Sacred about a week before this sale was announced, so while I didn't get the game at the sale price, I am happy that I bought a Linux title to support LGP. On the plus side, I snagged a copy of Cold War during the sale and it finally arrived yesterday. I am having tons of fun playing my new Linux games, but I wish I knew beforehand about the security issues with LGP's site. Now I have to watch my on-line credit statements like a hawk, just in case...