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New Sauerbraten Release Is Imminent

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  • New Sauerbraten Release Is Imminent

    Phoronix: New Sauerbraten Release Is Imminent

    It has been nearly a year since the last update to Sauerbraten, the 2008 CTF edition, but the open-source developers behind this game and its engine of the same name have been preparing for a new release. Within the next few days we should see the first 2009 release of Sauerbraten and it brings a host of new features. In this article is a rundown on some of the key features along with screenshots we captured when running their latest Subversion code.

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    yay first reply.

    Thats a nice wob of screenshots i might say. Always a fun game now and then


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      I love the slow motion deathmatch. It would be nice to be able to set minimum health though, as it's just a tad too slow motion at 10 health. Great for observing the graphics


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        Looks like Quake 2 with bumpmaps!


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          The radolls are a signifigant portion of this release, I could see this being adopted by a number of other projects.


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            Michael, you forgot to mention the bots!
            Also, "Sauerbraten" has been officially dropped as the name. It's just Cube 2 now (though it's more like Cube 2: Sauerbraten).


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              sauerbraten's been missing viewbobbing for a long time. I always hated the slide motion


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                That's a little bit odd... saving on simple coding like head bobbing and then boasting about having rag-dolls? So much about "wrong priorities" :P


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                  The new release is now avaible from!

                  The full changelog is avaible from here: (@Michael: it is newer than the one you read, in case you're interested)


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                    Its finally out

                    I just downloaded the may 2009 sauerbraten.
                    It has more maps, better graphics, and it totally freaking awsome.
                    I love you sauerbraten
                    everybody should download the awsome 2009 edition or they suck.