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SplashTop "Instant-On Linux" Gets Hacked

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    I think some of em are recent enough with AM2 socket.

    But even some older boards have got a really fast bootup - the monitor does not even show a pic when powered on and it is already behind the bootloader stage with an old MSI K7N2G-L using onboard graphics. You usally get a faster boot when you use a board with only basic features + onboard vga (this saves already 1-3s) and bios quick POST mode enabled. But then you don't need any special linux hotkey at all

    When you look what takes now pretty much time you will find out that these are the RAID/AHCI controllers which seek for drives again. So disabling that would help already. Also disable every controller you dont need, like if possible floppy controller when nothing is attached...
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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      Basically you could replace the Xserver, but that would require much more space and of course would bootup longer. Then you can optimize your normal hd install with initng for example, get rid of any unused services and you are down to 10-15 seconds too on a fast hd. Counted only till X start, because the actual loading of Splashtop apps is not counted within 5 seconds.
      I think the optimal solution would be if it could possible to strip out all other applications from the onboard 521MB flash memory and put XBMC on it instead of the harddrive (XBMC in turn could then the the launcher of other third-party application from the harddrive if needed, same as it can launch games on the Xbox).

      XBMC LiveUSB (based on Ubuntu Mobile) is down to 35-seconds boot from a USB-memory now so I think that a 10-20 seconds boot would be acceptable boot-time.

      PS! OFF-TOPIC; Have anyone tried yet to overwrite onboard 521MB flash memory Splashtop/ExpressGate with coreboot (formerly known as LinuxBIOS)?, I mean completly wipe the onboard 521MB flash memory then install coreboot with X server inside on that 521MB flash memory instead?
      By the way, XBMC LiveUSB (based on Ubuntu Mobile) fits on a 512MB USB-memory (and it could be stripped down even further).


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        I don't think that the onboard SSD is 512 mb when the IMG file is 256 MB size (the same is in the DFI - just compressed + header).


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          No but all you would need is XBMC - as has been said. The rest you could strip out/throw away, since no one running XBMC really cares about any other features other than having a completely dedicated media centre. (Again just as was the case with the original XBox). That's what made XBMC different - it wasn't just an app. running on top of an OS - it was a fully dedicated media centre and nothing more or less than this. (In other words there were no unneeded apps, no web browser etc.)
          I think this is always the most desirable way to run a media centre.