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Linux 3.13 To Receive Multi-Queue Block Layer

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    Originally posted by Pajn View Post
    3.13 Won't make it to 14.04.
    Quite sure it will.


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      Originally posted by beaverusiv View Post
      (...) as long as my computer doesn't freeze when Amarok decides to do a library scan (...)
      This is partially because Amarok uses an over-featured SQL database backend that is much slower than a simple custom solution could be...


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        Originally posted by Viper_Scull View Post
        So glad Arch is a rolling release and we don't have to worry about which version is going to get a specific kernel...
        Agreed and Manjaro makes it super easy to install and remove kernels with all the benefits of Arch.


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          Originally posted by Ericg View Post
          Fedora 21 and Ubuntu 14.04 get more and more interesting...
          Fedora 20, and probably even 19, will get kernel 3.13.
          Fedora 18, 19, and 20 (prerelease) are all already on 3.11, the next round of kernel updates (probably happen this coming week) will probably bring on 3.12. Note that F17 got all the way up to 3.10 before its support was dropped, which is the same version 18 and 19 were running at the same time.

          Generally, their policy is to keep the kernel up at the latest stable version for Fedora "stable" or "close to stable", and at the latest BLEEDING version for unstable/WTF (i.e., F21 is riding 3.12 prerelease.)