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NGINX Might Be Included With Ubuntu Server ISOs

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    Have you ever tried your above-mentioned strategy? I once shared your view, but there are a couple of reasons why it may not be practical in many situations:
    Yes, a few times. I used GNU make to handle the dependencies and rsync to only move updated content to the server. Cron jobs could also trigger a refresh from the server.

    - if you have a sidebar with aggregated info on all pages, you can't assemble the finished pages, else you'll have to regenerate all pages everytime the aggregated info changes; this adds complexity
    Make the sidebar an iframe, frame, or content fetched via JS. Then only that part needs to be refreshed. I wouldn't say it adds complexity that way; I think it'd be better than embedded PHP in the page from a maintainer's view.

    POST and per-visitor customization does need to be dynamic, yes.


    I agree. If you need to setup some huge PHP framework quickly, such caching is the best option.