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RAID 5/6 Support Finally Comes To Btrfs

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    Originally posted by ryao View Post
    with the Linux disk cache, which wastes memory.
    If I remember well, ZFS is even more memory hungry. Furthermore, it even does not really uses extents and as the result, overall filesystem design seems to be so slow that it could only perform reasonably well with gigabytes of memory buffers. Else it's getting painfully slow. And most tuning/install guides suggest not even to try ZFS without ~2Gb or so. Btrfs appears to be less problematic in this regard.

    He also says that this is a clone of what md raid already does, which implies that it suffers from the RAID write hole.
    I guess that if it would be really per-file or per-subvolume, this would be much less problem, especially in mixed/multithreaded/... environments.

    Alsi ability to reshape could be rarely used but you see, when you have to reshape many TiBs, it would be great option to have. Just because it's very troublesome operation otherwise. And btrfs seems to be really flexible when it comes to allocating things, one way or another. And Sun always preferred to publish far more of colorful marketing bullshit than actual design worth of. Sure, they had a business, but they've achieved that now I'm take their achievements with a grain of salt.