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FSF Wastes Away Another "High Priority" Project

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    Originally posted by archibald View Post
    I'll admit to this point of what may be unforgivable: in my day job I write closed source code.
    Heh I'm guilty of that aswell. Well to be clear, I don't explicitly write proprietary code, I simply write code on a contract basis, I have no control of what those paying me for the code does with it.

    That doesn't prevent me from liking or contributing to open source though. Unlike RMS I don't see anything morally wrong with proprietary code, I do however see alot morally wrong with the lock-in tendencies which sadly often accompany proprietary code.


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      The enthusiasm Michael has for Valve, and the hate he has for RMS almost make me feel like he is being bought by some corporate interest.

      Why is it so hard to understand that in the long term these silly licensing disputes might prevent adoption, but it also ensures that corporations cannot easily just do their R&D on the public and pick up the fruits and reap all the money like BSD license is designed to.


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        Originally posted by energyman View Post
        Gplv3 is less free than GPLv2. Plus overly complex. And while the v2 has been proven by courts, GPLv3 has not.

        So there are good reasons not to use GPLv3.
        Complexity synonym for Details. Details synonym for Clarity. For example, in HD you have more details and better quality as in VGA, more picture clarity.

        Moving to more Freedom means puting more Restriction on the antonym.

        GPL2 is less Free, as in "containing more ways to Restrict Freedoms".
        GPL3 is more Free as in "adding more Restrictions on removing Freedoms".
        You can also read it as: GPL3 is less Free as in "it is more restrictive to "have more Restrictions on removing Freedoms".

        But hold on, a Freedom to "add a Restriction" is NOT Freedom, but is freedom to Restrict.
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          no really!


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            oh, fuck off

            Originally posted by ворот93 View Post
            Only religious wackos are concerned by this stuff.
            uh-huh, and lawyers are priests then, right ?


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              I do hope that there will be a solution for this situation, it seems a pity that license politicisation has gotten in the way of advancing open source projects.


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                Has there been a resolution to this situation yet or is the GPL still fragmenting these projects?


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                  LibreDWG is still GPLv3+. QCAD was relicensed under GPLv3 too, but LibreCAD hasn't been updated against it yet, and I'm not sure whether it will be due to amount of changes in both projects since the splitting. FreeCAD is currently using a proprietary lib to open DWG in 2D.