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Btrfs File-System Tuning On Linux 3.7

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    They ought to add support for Google's Snappy compression.
    Both LZ4 and snappy patches have been submitted to btrfs by various people, but I don't think they made it into a release yet (at least, I see no documentation for lz4 or snappy mount options on the btrfs wiki).

    Anyway, LZ4 beats snappy.


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      Well, LZO is fast...

      Okay, LZO is fast. Really. Especially at decompression. As for snappy/lz4 they seems to be more or less on par in most benchmarks. Sometimes one performs better than other. As for me it loos like LZ4 is a bit better in regard of speed to compression ratio, but this is not granted and depends on nature of data being compressed. So there are no EPIC WIN which can justify inclusion of very similar (simple speed optimized LZ-based) algos.