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Benchmarking The Ubuntu "Low-Jitter" Linux Kernel

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  • It`s unbelievable. Through the entire thread these people behave as if there is something wrong with low-jitter/low-latency, ignoring the benchmark showing higher numbers in some benchmarks, and ignoring the fact that benchmarks without preemption suffer from high jitter/latency, and have less actual frames displayed on screen. And now undoubtedly they are going to disagree with sane religion.

    That really says alot about who they are. I don`t know how these people think they have an audience online, or why they think their arguments is going to matter. Like I said elsewhere, it`s like a cottaging-activist trying to talk morality to a religious man. And that is so true, as ultimately feebleness is a satanic attack on self, satan is a lustcultivator, and long time upholding satanic concepts, is to removeoneself from humanity, and that is what a cottagingdefender has done aswell. And I am indeed a very religious person. However many today also has that concept wrong. The ultimate praises of God, in truth and honesty, though, is ofcourse in no conflict, with your highest hopes, and most brilliant insights.

    Peace Be With You.


    • Most Important.

      And maybe that is the most important thing you can learn from this entire thread. Lowlatency/lowjitter is going to happen regardless. I just do it early.

      That the ultimate fuckwit activity is to claim senseless things about God. And that is why there is war in the world. So now you know the level of their stupidity.

      Imagine the billions that could go to care of humanity instead of wars and suffering.

      So then you know who satan is, a simple man upholding fantasyconcepts, who in turn in nothing other than obsessing about his genitals.

      And when you see gay obsessing about sex, you know who they are too. And it would not surprise me if Liam (& co) told us he was "gay".

      Peace Be With You.
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      • Your best optimized kernel does not help when the gfx card or the cpu is too slow. When you enable vsync and the the rate goes down from 60 to 30 then it is definitely no kernel problem. When you manage to get 60 fps then the kernel is really unimportant.


        • The fuckwits will babble on. This is not about turning off Vsync. This is about accurate low-jitter FPS. Which apparently is real hard for many to understand. I am just happy God has graced me with intelligence, to pursue my own happiness in life. And that is what I will do. Regadless of people who obviously don`t have the senses to react on jitter, what someone else here compared to braindamage, or seisures. Indeed nobody would want to be the guy with jittering eyes.

          Now this subject has been talked to death, and reached even the logical extreme in religion. So no further comment should be neccesary. I can update the thread when I get the new low-latency h/w though, and give my view on that.

          Peace Be With You.


          • Originally posted by liam View Post
            I love the substantive responses of four year olds.
            I truly hope you are a troll and not the zealot you seem to be (seriously, "Peace Be With You" and yet you make the most disgusting statements preceding it...I'd imagine God would be pissed, if not for hypocrisy but at least blatant inconsistency).
            Ugh, mixing OS discussions with religious imagery (and seeming statements about morality).
            He is both a zealot and a troll. ~ For one, he is Norwegian and a convert to Islam, and even has gone so far to now use an alias (islamic name) rather than the name he was given by his parents. He is the only person i know of that has "PRAISED BE GOD" written in the README's for his crappy plugins - which is odd to say the least. He's heretic even in his own faith (proven to be in another thread), he's just lucky he's a convert and not living in an islamic state.

            And by the way, Liam is most certainly correct -> RT can affect throughput negatively, this is a well documented FACT.

            I find it laughable that in the other thread (where PU and i got into an argument) he claimed that his 'low-jitter' kernel essentially made RT useless/not needed anymore, yet now a week or so later he plans to be his kernel using the RT patchset. lol. Even funnier, him posting on the rt-user-list;

            Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated on rt-linux-user-list
            I think it complains about not finding rootdevice. Anyway, I am getting a new machine, so it might not be much of an issue. If you still want to try and find the bug let me know. Also how do I compile without threadirqs, if I enable basic-rt, threadirqs are enabled in .config also.
            Hey dumbass, did it not occur to you that the reason it enables threadirqs is because RT requires it? (your fucking dumb). After all, threadirqs while (now) mainline were originally a part of the RT patchset (merged into mainline in 2.6.39) and are a requirement. You should also learn how to configure your system, your root device problem is likely human error / bad config - ie: you weren't paying attention... I've got 3.6.3-rt6 installed and running no problem (although i use 3.4-rt since 3.6.3-rt is buggy, for now). I for one wouldn't put any stock into this wannabe kernel developer, who doesn't seem to know what he is doing, at all. Another funny example of PU stupidity;

            Originally posted by from rt-linux-user-list
            PU: Yes, it works fine without basic-rt, or full-rt. Do you know if basic-rt can
            be compiled without threadirqs?

            Tglx: No. And that's not interesting at all. We really want to know what's going wrong when you have irq threading enabled. You can also try the following. Compile the kernel without RT and add "threadirqs" on the kernel command line. So that's just mainline + irq threading. Does that work? In any case it would be helpful if you provide the full dmesg output of a failing boot.

            PU: Ok, you really want to know. Well I can do anything to help you with that. Does dmseg contain info from last boot? Or can it be accessed from the console-thingy?
            So aside from not knowing all that much about the linux kernel, apparently PU doesn't even know about logging in linux either... Nor does he actually provide any of the information Tglx is asking for (just like he provides no metrics to support is kernel being as great as he says).

            I can only speak for myself - but I think you would have to be a complete moron to put any stock in PU's 'low-jitter' kernel. It's pretty obvious he is just an enthusiast, hacking (more like fumbling) around but not really knowing what he is doing. it's laughable shit really.


            • @Paradox Uncreated

              Which of your games runs with 60 fps and has got "jitter" on your systems?


              • Originally posted by Kano View Post
                @Paradox Uncreated

                Which of your games runs with 60 fps and has got "jitter" on your systems?
                afterfall insanity...
                giant citizen kabuto and many other games from 2005 to 2012. [of cource under windows]


                • Wow, how about some games that run with linux like dhewm3, doom 3 bfg (wine), rage (wine)?


                  • enemy territory


                    • Lol, ninez reacts like the clown he is, attacking people with far superior knowledge. When I ask how to compile without threadirqs, it is because others have done so. That is too hard for your tight mind to understand.

                      Be upset, and die in a heartattack, ninez, while my computing experience only gets smoother and smoother, and I am quite relaxed and enjoying myself. And your heartattack will be another laughter. Some fuckwit, completely useless, that everybody hates and want gone.

                      Videojitter on youtube now is very low, on my machine, btw. So not only is doom 3 running extremely well, but even unsynced videos. Ofcourse as I write, videos need to be synced to completely get rid of it.

                      I am sure the ninez, gamer2k, liams will continue raging, against every man enjoying himself in the world.

                      And btw, I did link to my theology-research, which everyone can read, and see what brilliance ninez means "heretic". Ofcourse he is so stupid, that any such brilliance, equals pearls for swine.

                      Go live in your doghouse.

                      Peace Be With You.
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                      • And yeah, about disk i/o, I just had opera read a ton of mail, while watching low-jitter video in another window. So much for that "disk i/o".

                        Clueless idiots.
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                        • Sects

                          And btw, the people ninez refers to as calling me "heretic" are ofcourse as dumb as himself. That is why their opinion matters to him I guess. I am amazed at how many hypocrites, and faithless who really have the same being.

                          But yeah I guess ninez, just made a "good" argument about cutting in babies penises, sweaty hijabs all season all day, completely incoherent interpretation of religion, sectarian extremism and madness, and killing girls who want to go to school.

                          Sunnism refuted:

                          The critics long line of fuckwitism is getting clear now, even to the most stupid I know. So you know even bugs under rocks must have internet these days, because they are probably going to go on. I mean even bugs are more interesting than ninez. Have you ever seen a bee? It has hair on it. Use a q-tip and cuddle it.

                          Peace Be With You.
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                            “every millisecond lost results in $100m per annum in lost opportunity”.

                            NO NO NO Ninez only wants COTTAGING.

                            The one skill where he excelled. Where a hundred men shat, ninez finds "love".

                            Peace Be With You.


                            • You know when the cottaging starts? That is when you realize you are the biggest fucking looser, your mind explodes and then continue to claim superiority of the utmost feebleness.

                              That is the rank God gave you. While I on the other hand create a great, immersive, and impressive computing experience, not to talk about refuting idiot sects, and mad interpretations, plaguing the world, ultimately leading it to world peace.

                              What a joke. My critics are living jokes, with bloated red cheeks, that even laugh at themselves. I mean seriously that or you have some kind of retarded gene or braindamage.

                              In Iran, people like that are put to death. And that is what any grown society should do. Ofcourse the west will keep on defending "the poor herionsmugglers" and so forth. In the same style of fuckwitism.

                              You can`t have people like this around your children. That is what a grown man must understand.

                              In the mean time I keep on working for the growth of (real) Islam, that has no acceptance for retards. No doubt to the exploding minds of retards everywhere. And yeah I keep improving my computing experience, and everything that is worship and celebration of God.

                              And you can rest assured that when people like me, take over things, they are going to be so piss-scared that they are only going to obey.

                              There is not going to be any ninez or other trash in future societies. They are extinct. Read my theology.

                              Peace Be With You.
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                              • LOL... and yet i never said a god damn thing about sunnism or any of that other non-sense...nor did i associate you with it. it's funny how you jump to the conclusion that i did though ~ in the future you might want to stop for a second or two and actually put on your critical thinking hat before you speak, since that has pretty much zero relevance to anything anyway.

                                ...okay Genius, so you claim no one has a clue on anything except (unsurprisingly) you. You know what happens when you make your changes to fair.c (ridding the 10ms averager bit) when using VMware??? I do. The system will halt badly / unresponsive when suspending VMs for a period of time - without touching that code, the problem does not exist at all. (on 2 systems much higher specs than your core2duo - ie: i7 and Phenom II x4). <sarcasm>but I guess that averager is pointless - since people don't actually use multitasking with many demanding applications on modern computers (ie: not C64/amiga days). Really all we should care about is getting an extra 2 FPS in Doom3 - because doom3 is such an important part of computing. it's really all thaty matters</sarcasm> LOL.

                                and again, you already said RT was pretty much deprecated in your mind because your 3.5.4-low jitter kernel, yet here a week or so later you now are basing your LJ kernel around it - with all of your superior knowledge to everyone else, why would you do such contradictory things. it just comes across as (you) not really knowing what you are doing. 2ndly, as far as i know, you cannot compile CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT_FULL=y without threadedirqs, but feel free to post a citation/link where people are doing that.... 3rdly, i have doubts in your superior knowledge claims, when just looking at your rt-linux-user-list posts it's pretty obvious you are asking for help with some pretty silly mistakes (like the rootdevice thing).... and really, you act like your a kernel developer (who THINKS he knows better than anyone else), yet you don't even know how to collect logging information?? wtf?

                                but do feel free to actually make counter arguments (if you are able to do that), so far it just seems like you revert to childish remarks that are nothing more than religious fanaticism or just total rubbish, when asked about things or confronted. You should also be posting metrics you go with your numbers, you've been asked by people here, LKML (where you admitted that all your tweaks we based on nothing more than your own subjective observations). Subjectivity doesn't sit well, for very obvious reasons. You should also be posting your sources so we can run a diff on them to see what you've actually done to 3.5.4 or 3.6.2/3-rt ...

                                Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post

                                “every millisecond lost results in $100m per annum in lost opportunity”.

                                NO NO NO Ninez only wants COTTAGING..
                                So far you kernel does NOT perform for my applications nearly as well as RT. You were the one whom said RT wasn't needed, yet it is RT linux which often powers such markets, not your 'slightly' modified 3.5.4 kernel; https://webcache.googleusercontent.c...pell=1&ct=clnk

                                You argue the throughput thing, yet i've heard RT-developers discuss this very subject, Intel covers it in their paper on RT linux / threaded IRQs; https://webcache.googleusercontent.c...pell=1&ct=clnk ... and their are other such resources say similar things such as; they all say the same thing - there can be a performance penalty with RT. As VersaLogic points out " "Real-time deals with guarantees, not with raw speed." However, a quality RTOS will still deliver decent overall throughput (performance) but can sacrifice throughput for being deterministic (or predictable). In fact, many benchmarking studies on the performance of a real-time kernel against a standard kernel have found that overall performance does not decrease significantly"...

                                You can claim you are god and/or rationalize/use him to support everything you do as perfection, go on about cottaging, etc but it's all just garbage and non-sense. I think michael posted that article for a laugh, as well.

                                maybe you should actually post a diff once you figure out how to make 3.6.3-rt boot correctly, lol.
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