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Nero CD/DVD Burning Software On Linux Is Dead

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  • Nero CD/DVD Burning Software On Linux Is Dead

    Phoronix: Nero CD/DVD Burning Software On Linux Is Dead

    As was raised earlier today within the Phoronix Forums, the Nero CD/DVD burning software for Linux is dead...

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    K3B is far better any ways. Though they do need to get off of HAL and onto uDev.


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      Yea, good riddance. With optical media on the demise, even more so.


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        Even on Windows I stopped using it. Latest good version of their software was 6. Now is only bloatware.


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          Thats an very sad news for me. Because Nero for Linux was the only ! Linux burning software that works for me. K3B and brasero fail at simple tasks like burning an data dvd or audio CD. And the half of the burned disks are broken :/


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            Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
            Even on Windows I stopped using it. Latest good version of their software was 6. Now is only bloatware.
            You can't compare Nero for windows and Nero for Linux. But i agree the Windows Version after 6 was only horrible.


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              Most likely nobody wanted to pay for Nero Linux. The tool itself was not bad, had good udf support when you dont want to use iso9660 the same time. Also it had an option to create bootable media with prepared floppy images as bootcode (with integrated cdrom driver). I usually modded floppy images myself and added bios and flash tools for Kanotix users when they needed a bios update, but using Nero it would be possible for noobs as well. The price might have been a bit high for simple cd/dvd/bluray burning. You could not compare it to the suite for Win. But as you get dvd burning tools for free these days there was no real demand. The Nero Win tools are now more like a a collections of dvd convert, simple video editor and such things. The market for high quality tools of that kind would be there as well for Linux, but compared to Win there are much less users who want to spend money for that. I did not test the Nero Suite for Win for several years now, because i usally don't need those tools. I am personally a fan of using imgburn via wine which has got nice udf support as well. k3b which i use for Kanotix works for simple tasks for most users (i would prefer using imgburn if you want to write standard conform bluray however).


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                Yeah well...

                I didn't even know it existed.


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                  I think we have 2 copies in the company for Windows users. This is because they have ~10 years old CD labels in Nero format, which cannot be converted and they don't agree to convert or recreate them in a different (free) format


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                    Back in the days.

                    1. I wanted something like Nero on Linux. Nero was good at that time, actually!
                    2. It did not happen.
                    3. Linux/BSD/Solaris people came and made their own programs.
                    4. These programs became better. I thought: Now, if they actually would port it, they would face a free as in freedom and free as in beer competition that is very strong.
                    5. Nero was actually ported. Wow.
                    6. But Nero was already a bloat on Windows. It wasn't about burning. It was about everything and all.
                    7. K3B was so nice, I had Nero for windows (already a overcolored stupid variant) so I kept with K3B.
                    8. ...
                    9. Nero on Linux is dead.

                    That is the problem for commercial vendors. First they deny Linux. You ask as a potential customer but they just laugh in your face or pretend to never have heard the L-Word.
                    Then "Linux people" start to make their own Software for the purpose.
                    The free software grows and becomes better.
                    Somehow people then do not really have a need for the commercial software anymore if they get a prog with equal capabilities for free and also with complete sources and stuff so it can't go bankrupt and it is a more trustworthy software.
                    No hidden things, no DRM, no phone home, no bullshit, the right to modify and share with people as you want.
                    And they want to compete with that?
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