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GNOME 3.3.3 Heats Things Up For GNOME 3.4

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    Originally posted by Kivada View Post
    You're missing the point, you should have to look for workarounds and hacks to get it into a usable state if it's going to be the DEFAULT DE on all of the major distros. You keep the old version as the preferred version for mass distribution till you are at least at feature parity before you kill the old version.

    As I've said many times before, I've given many refurbed machines running distros like Mandrake, Ubuntu and Fedora over the years, pretty much all of them given to people that know fuckall about technology, changing the desktop on them without warning just isn't cool, nor is the loss of many old GPU drivers. They don't know how to switch desktops, they don't even know what a DE is.

    Linux is spreading out from the geek and nerd crowd, expecting X lever of technical skill is no longer an option, especially if we want see Linux taken more seriously by device makers. To get that there has to be more consistency in the user experience so that anyone of any tech level can jump on any desktop distro with any general purpose DE and use it.
    I don't want to put words in your mouth but what I think you mean is that it isn't usable for you, and many others, in its default configuration. That is, potentially, fixable, but I don't think the developers will go that route (that is, offer an easy way to change the desktop). IMHO, that is wrong of them, but I'm not the one writing the code, and undoubtably the road they are taking requires less code, though it also requires MUCH more thought towards UX.