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What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]

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  • What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]

    Phoronix: What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]

    The GNOME 2011 User Survey is still going on, so be sure to participate. For those wanting to know what other Linux desktop users are saying about the GNOME3 desktop environment, here's one thousand more comments.

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    The Gnome team still doesn't give a flying fuck. So tell them what to cover in hot sauce and forceably insert into their intestinal tract and install Mate:


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      Why? I like Gnome Shell. Version 3.2 is awesome.


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        Those index numbers confused me for several seconds
        "Get back to gnome 2" in 2001?


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          Originally posted by benmoran View Post
          Why? I like Gnome Shell. Version 3.2 is awesome.
          Gnome 3.2 feels definitively faster and much more polished, however some apps menus get hidden behind of the gnome-panel (gtk3 and firefox for instance), this issue IMHO is of big importance and should of have been fixed in 3.2 I mean even Gnome's own apps fall in this gap :/


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            Originally posted by Kivada View Post
            The Gnome team still doesn't give a flying fuck. So tell them what to cover in hot sauce and forceably insert into their intestinal tract
            Gnome haters, the onus is on you to prove you aren't a bunch of inarticulate, stupid whingers. You're off to a bad start ^^^...


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              I'm using gnome shell right now (3.2) and I think it's wonderful. For my taste I've changed some shortcuts to make better use of the desktop, for example, to change between workspace I press Super + Tab / Super + Tab + Shift, just like the behaviour of alt + tab between apps and ctrl + tab between tabs. The only thing I don't like is the bottom notification panel, it's a bet obstrusive and inefficient.

              I'm wondering if some of the haters have ever tried Gnome Shell or have any idea of what it is, because some criticize Unity, which is not gnome 3/shell, and someones request lower memory usage, while it uses even less than gnome 2 (at least for me, it uses just 400mb on startup).


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                Originally posted by alazar View Post
                I'm wondering if some of the haters have ever tried Gnome Shell or have any idea of what it is, because some criticize Unity, which is not gnome 3/shell, and someones request lower memory usage, while it uses even less than gnome 2 (at least for me, it uses just 400mb on startup).
                AFAIK Unity is (built on) gnome 3, it just uses the Unity shell on top of gnome3, much like Gnome-Shell does. But i definitely agree Gnome 3 uses less memory than gnome 2. it's also quicker than gnome2

                Some other points about gnome 3. generally, not related to your post alazar

                At this point my biggest beef with Gnome 3 development - is that there is too much focus on Gnome-Shell, while MANY gnome apps are in serious need of attention. Prime example ~ Nautilus (a integral/core part of gnome!) ... on any machine, try opening /usr/bin in nautilus - watch how painfully slow it is, and how long it takes to open/view any folder with a couple thousand files. it's pathetically slow compared to most file managers (in any OS).

                It's funny (and sad) because if you check out Marlin File manager - the same huge folders open instantly. Nautilus also has terrible UI design (compared to Marlin) - I think the gnome developers really need to rework nautilus. The toolbar is ugly, and should probably run completely across the menubar, as it does in nearly all other gtk3 apps. it looks terrible the way it is... - i know as of right now the only reasons i use nautilus is to manage the desktop (and in particular for 'Open-in-terminal', and a couple of other plugins) but once marlin has some more plugins - Nautilus will become almost completely useless, if they don't fix their slow crappy file manager.

                The other thing i am finding odd recently, is the idea that because Gnome-Shell can run without a proper GPU ~ they now think fallback should be removed in favor of using the LLVMpipe. To me, this is incredibly daft....i mean think about it, really!!!

                *** if i have a machine that is older and doesn't have a good GPU, and more importantly probably not a fast CPU - why then, would i want to waste CPU cycles on compositing?!?!? ***

                the answer --> i wouldn't... it's a complete waste of resources.

                Other than that, Gnome3 is pretty good. (given the fact, that i don't use GS, but if i did i'd have other things to say about but luckily i use gnome3 for it's apps/libs/etc, not for mutter/GS...)



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                  I like how Gnome haters somehow think that they are above all and that Gnome developers should just listen to them even thought they are the ones that bad mouth the developers all the fucking time... Even if the hater has somekind of a point, which they rarely do, it's pretty hard to care about it when the guy has no respect for you. I find it suprising that developers even keep commets on their blog posts as these parasites seem to always fill them with their ignorant and disrespectful crap - I don't even want to think about the posts they have to delete...


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                    I also do love Gnome 3.

                    It managed to both keep the Gnome philosophy (simplicity and clearness) while making it enter the 21st century.

                    It is not yet perfect, but it is on a good way.

                    I especially like the way it handles desktops. It finally really make sense, and help organizing your work (1 desk = 1 activity).
                    Contrary to what some says, it is never in my way and it helps me to focus on my tasks. Even if I was suprised the first minutes, I don't miss at all the maximize/minimize buttons. The way to organize windows is very intuitive.
                    It is also quite stable, light and performs very well, even on my netbook (where it is not power hungry, like Unity could be).

                    The only thing I don't like much is the application menu. It is quite slow, and I don't like the messy and huge icon display.
                    But I am pretty sure that it will be improved soon (and can be improved easily).

                    In short, good job Gnome 3. Thank you for refreshing the desktop and providing a coherent environment (thinking about KDE).
                    Keep it up and soon the noisy complains of people who barely can change their habits will vanish.


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                      GNOME Shell and Unity are a bad joke, and a cruel farce, respectively.


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                        Ah yes, just because I choose to be vulgar I'm always going to be wrong? I like many others told them what we didn't like ever since the first preview images of Gnome3, at this point I at least couldn't possibly have any more contempt for them.

                        What they should have done if they where going to make something so single task/tablet oriented was to make it a separate affiliated project and treated "fallback mode" as a direct drop in replacement for Gnome2 to be kept on as the default UI for everyone. Things like hiding the power button are just proof of how asinine their decision making process is, as if nobody ever has to power off their machine for any reason? Do they think that nobody that uses Gnome will ever have to upgrade hardware or even just need to move their machine to a different room?

                        If they wanted to do something "new and innovative" they should have bucked the trend of dumbing down everything to the point that even non geek users don't like it and instead focused on improving what they already had.

                        And don't bother saying "well if you hate shell so much just use fallback" because Fallback doesn't work and is only temporary. Those of use that are so vocal about Gnome2 are so because we actually liked using it, personally I've tried XFCE, KDE, LXDE, Enlightenment, IceWM, FluxBox and Unity, the only one of those I liked using was KDE, but only before KDE4, everything else either gets in the way or is incomplete.



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                          Originally posted by Kivada View Post
                          Ah yes, just because I choose to be vulgar I'm always going to be wrong?
                          The problem here is your incapability to compromise. If you think that everything else is crap except Gnome 2 no matter how close they come and that it's just to say that people who most of which develope on their free time and unpaid deserve to die and burn in hell because they don't do exactly what you want them to do then you are simply a bad person.


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                            Don't need to be an exact replica ...

                            Would you like to hear something hilarious? Window 7 vaguely reminds me of GNOME 1.x!! Many consider Win7 interface to be a good balance of usability currently, which is why I mention it. In my mind if they took some of the elements of Gnome 1.x and many of the elements of Gnome 2.x, then mixed in a *FEW* of the gnome 3 elements with a lot of the Gnome 3 underlying tech they would most likely come up with a *new* interface that would do quite well!

                            To put it mildly I have tried to like Gnome 3, and it gets Right In My Way and STAYS there! For those of you who say "oh but it helps me focus"... I am glad you like it, you however, seem to be the minority. For every 1 person who says they actually Like Gnome 3, there are ...oh gosh... what about a thousand?...or more who say they do not like it. I really tried!

                            In fact, I am bouncing between XFCE and KDE 4 because of what has occured with Gnome. I have not tried the Trinity Project yet, but if KDE4 annoys me enough, I will certainly do so. Back in the day I actually slightly preffered KDE3 to Gnome2, note I said Slightly.. I used both, on different work stations, for different reasons.

                            Have a good one!


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                              You are overreacting. There are many people who like Gnome 3. Like always, like in real life, those who complain are just much noisier.

                              What is so terrible in Gnome 3 ? Seriously ? There are still windows and desktops, with the same apps. It is stable, light and fast. Ok, you have to change your habits and some things are different or possibly require more efforts while others are more intuitive. Is it the end of the world ? No. Don't tell me that it prevents you to work.

                              And on top of that with a little customization and some extensions, you can give it almost any shape you like.
                              And if you still don't like it, there is choice. So why so much hate ?