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What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]

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    Originally posted by kaczu View Post
    Since you made it again in your response I don't believe you have the where with all to discuss very much with me. Sorry Ninez, but our discussion is and was totally pointless in a lot of respects. There's some points here and there, but it's completely muted with insane name calling, basically b@#&hing. Sorry but there's just no point. I'm happy you like what you like and all that jazz and I like what I like and that's about as far as we are going to get with this discussion.

    Again, it's been nice, but there's just no need. Happy Holidays. See ya around sometime.
    excuses, excuses. And the insults have been a 2-way street.

    you've still not made any real valid arguments, nor have you proven your claims. So, if you are done that is fine. But don't sit here and make excuse after excuse - and then do ridiculous things, like trying to create a fallacy, and use it as a cop-out. Which is what you continually have been doing, any chance you get.

    you are a very dishonest little fucktard.


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      Errrr. No.

      Originally posted by Led54Vale
      Why? I like Gnome Shell. Version 3.2 is awesome.
      Gnome Shell 3.2 it's the version that should have been called GNOME Shell 3.0 :-D. The "Removable devices" icon in the notification bar and speed improvements were needed in the first version :-D

      A nice improvement, but there is a long way ahead... If there is any soon.

      The Glorious Flame War we have here is motivated by the Shell design shortcomings and failures in many workflows, from advanced "domestic" usage to "PRO" usage... I never told that Shell is awful; like ninez, I only said that GS has many questionable design decissions that don't improve usability and productivity unless you have a netbook, a tablet or you're a "3 app only" user... Precisely, the most important community that pushed Open Source and Linux adoption inside business and public administrations ;-).

      Users like kaczu like today's GS because GS fill their needs, and they are reluctant to GS criticism because they like it too much... They like the "graphic candies", the - over- simplified "workflow" and the mobile environment philosophy, but maaaaaaany other users - like ninez and me - make true facts based criticism because we found some failures in "Desktop" usage. The response of GS devs and fanboys? Insults, questionable "solutions", "mi pennis is bigger than yours" attitude, ...

      Kaczu replied us with the same hacks and "duct tape" solutions that Shell devs give, but their "solutions" are ugly hacks that only tech versed people like me would implement in half an hour or less; non average users go to other places - KDE, XFCE, LXDE, even Enlightenment -, or they come back to Windows or Apple - HORROR !!! :-( -.

      The most important proof of Shell failures for a "classic desktop" usage is the Ubuntu Unity birth and the Linux Mint decission to develop GS special extensions, only to allow Mint desktop to be like the Mint GNOME 2 experience... When the two main "average joe" user distros left the GS "Faith" for another solutions, GNOME devs should ask themselves why... And KDE and MS folks are very happy now :-D.

      Even Debian people, old time GNOMErs, rant about the new GS shortcomings: response to Andrew Cowie -

      Like Jon Dowland said in his post, GS is opinionated sofware, and GS devs are against all movements to make the Shell more "desktop friendly"... Judge yourself :-).