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Skype To Take Action Against Reverse-Engineering

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    Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
    Well, for those who have a hard time clicking the setup button and following instructions, I can see how if may not work satisfactorily... unfortunately for you, if you can't install ekiga, you also can't install skype. Sucks to be you.
    Uuuuuh. I guess you won.


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      <put on your foil hat now>
      i honestly wonder if this is an action by microsoft to 'suggest' to the skype management to try to discourage people from reverse engineering the protocol before the buyout completes.

      once microsoft has it they won't be able to stop people reverse engineering it due to the restrictions placed on them (hence the opening of the smb protocols etc when forced to in court).

      if not, it might be skype's intention that the protocol remains 'secret' and 'exclusive' so microsoft doesn't lose interest (not sure if the proceedings of the buyout have passed the point of no return or not)

      just a couple of thoughts. you can now remove your hats