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LibreOffice Is Getting Ready For Ubuntu 11.04

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    i actually like the comments added to articles. it adds a small personality to phoronix. i don't like how cold and flat some news places are.

    and remember everyone, michael's comments aren't on the level of FOX news. hehe . he doesn't state opinion as fact.

    unless of course he is talking about steam, then the opinion vs fact thing gets blurry.


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      Other distributions:
      It's been in debian experimental for quite some time. Currently "3.3.0~rc2-3".


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        Michael, for your reference:


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          Originally posted by kirillkh View Post
          "while the name isn't the best..."
          It sure sounds better than "Michael"! Besides, whatever you call it, LibreOffice doesn't make lame attempts at forcing its taste up my throat.
          If you now something about languages, for example Latin (BTW where are you from?) than you will now that a word "libre" came to roman languages from latin "libere". If you now just a little Latin laguages which was nothin exotic in the scool for my generation than word like Libre will be something "normal".


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            This announcement may sounds really interresting, but many Linux distributions haven't shipped standard OpenOffice in ages, most of them use the version. A big bunch of patches for OpenOffice created by Linux distributions. The first thing LibreOffice did when it was created was apply those patches. Now the Linux distributions will get LibreOffice. So it's mostly just name changes really.


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              Looking at, there are LibreOffice 3.3.0 packages build for F15