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Google Comes Up With Its Own Image Format: WebP

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    Originally posted by Micket View Post
    Ogg has support here and there, with typically all open source software you found, and can hardly be called a success so far.
    Sad, since Vorbis audio is so superior to MP3. It makes me sad every time I see audio encoded as MP3 instead of Vorbis. Fortunately, even the addition of the loss caused by converting lossy to lossy isn't enough loss to prevent me from many times converting the MP3s into OGGs.


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      Nobody cares what stupid things you do, i would never convert mp3 to ogg as there is no logic behind it. Maybe from ogg to mp3 for simple mobile players...


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        Originally posted by NoEffex View Post
        The moment someone suggests any type of change gets shot down. This is why Linux is going nowhere. Because every time someone tries to innovate everyone else complains, but when someone makes a decision that makes little sense nobody does.
        Yeah systemd tried and tried but every time someone tries to innovate everyone else complains...


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          Google Comes Up With Its Own Image Format WebP

          I think its only available on Google device, like the Chromebooks. Also, I dont think you can get it on your pc...yet. Who knows, maybe I havent searched enough.


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            According to Google?s tests, WebP can result in around a ~39 percent reduction in file-size compared to the image formats commonly used for the web today.