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Testing Out The SSD Mode In Btrfs

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    Originally posted by mason View Post
    Thanks, it is always fun to see btrfs benchmarking done. Sun doesn't really change the Btrfs development plan, we'll be pushing forward with features and generally getting the FS ready for production.
    Phew... I am so revealed to hear that. btrFS is just too cool to be true, so we are many that was worried, that Oracle would just use ZFS instead.

    The features I am looking the most forward to are

    * snapshots
    * Subvolumes
    * Checksums
    * defragmentation

    I think subvolumes will end up being the most used feature for many, as open SSH doesn't come with this.

    Originally posted by mason View Post
    I'm afraid I don't know any of the long term plans for licensing on Sun tech.
    This will be interesting then


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      Churning Butter(FS): An Interview with Chris Mason