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Company Promises Source-Code If They Fail

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    I think you guys don't get why this company promises to release code "when they fail". It's not about attracting linux-customers or anything. The point is: They are very much aware of the disadvantages their solution has, especially the fact that you can only acces your files through their website. So when "the company fails" this usually would leave the customers unable to acces their data.
    As a potential customer you'd probably also consider this and might use another solution. To prevent this, they want to make sure that you'll still be able to acces your files even if they went bancrupt and releasing their code as open-source is just the best way to do that.
    Now I agree that just open-sourcing their technology right now would probably be the best thing for them to do, but I guess the usual company-idioty (Intelectual Property, Patents, ...) keeps them from doing this.