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An Interview With The Developers Of FFmpeg

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    Originally posted by popper View Post
    thats odd, you think its not the FFmpeg devs responsability to provide at least basic links to known working current binary compiles of their product....

    i always thought a distro's main job was to provide a stable version of a given app they choose to include that works with the other 3rd party code on there, not provide cutting edge GIT binarys that may kill the distro in one way or another....

    id like to see MS distro's provide current FFmpeg , not even cutting edge GIT on their CD/DVD, but thats NOT going to happen is it...

    so do the most basic google search and find me a working current windows FFMpeg binary that knows even the -vpre hq option never mind the x264 "Macroblock Tree Ratecontrol" testing (Release candidate) options, the chances are you cant without some serious search modifications and lots of following unknown 3rd party links to it...

    AND No Cheating compiling a windows version yourself and putting up a URL, ohh go on then, ill allow that, anything to get a current working version without going through these hoops, getting a current binary FFmpeg should never be this hard.
    I'm a little confused why you are asking about the issue of getting current windows FFmpeg builds (which are admitedly harder to compile than the *nix versions), but I was able to find a daily build from the 7th of this month quite quickly: go to the main website, click on documentation, choose FFmpeg Windows help (which doesn't actually mention builds to be fair), choose builds, autobuilds, and tada!

    But I'm totally perplexed at your inability to find an x264 build with the *brand new* mb-tree patch: to even hear about the patch, you'd need to be following one of three sources: doom9, Dark Shikari's blog, or the #x264 channel, any of which could point you to current builds of the software.

    But to answer your earlier question, the software devs for FFmpeg think their time is better spent improving the software continuously then pushing out releases. Releases would be a good idea, but given how easy it is to compile FFmpeg (x264 even more so), I'll give them a pass on that.