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Python 3.0 "Python 3000" Released

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  • Python 3.0 "Python 3000" Released

    Phoronix: Python 3.0 "Python 3000" Released

    The Python Software Foundation has this afternoon announced the much-anticipated release of Python 3.0 (a.k.a. Python 3000)...

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    I think it's awesome that they provide a conversion utility... I hope that the transition is relatively painless and quick.
    ..python FTW


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      I don't like that it's slower than python 2.5 But I guess they'll work that out.

      But one thing I really like is the new string and unicode stuff. I had so much problems with it and some special characters....


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        ... and this is how unmaintained, but crucial and irreplacable apps go to die.


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          true (there is one script in particular I don't want to die [denyhosts] - might spend some time py30 converting it, its not that hard actually)

          While python have broken backwards compatibility (its not the 1st time, its just the 1st MAJOR time) it was needed to correct "mistakes" that had to be made early on in the language to allow it to develope, they have provided means to easily translate py2 code to be py3 compatable


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            It's a good thing to throw out old stuff that doesn't fit into the big picture anymore.

            Just look at this mess called PHP, where the developers don't have the guts for it.


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              so distros will have to ship with two versions of python now?


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                Last time i checked with aptitude i had 2.5 and 2.4 installed, and they where both in the repo. So what's the big deal with several versions? Rather that than having all languages older than a year beeing crippled with beeing compatible with early mistakes in the design.


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                  but how do scripts discriminate which python to use?


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                    Originally posted by alec View Post
                    but how do scripts discriminate which python to use?
                    The joys of shebangs

                    you know those little one-liners at the start of scripts that you have seen but probably not thought about?

                    That tells the sh what interpreter to use. The VAST majority of the time a python script will either use:

                    #!/usr/bin/env python
                    to pull from the system environement what the default python interpretor is OR they do:
                    Where /usr/bin/python is a symlink to say... /usr/bin/python2.5

                    so all (I say all... still alot of work for the distro) would have todo is change the shebang to be a specific py version


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                      Looking in distrowatch it seems no distribution ships python 3.0 yet
                      I guess its likely that 3.0 binary will be /usr/bin/python3 then? and old scripts will be calling /usr/bin/python like before. Nobody will go and change shebangs of zillion old scripts and programs


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                        I spoke to a few gentoo dev's on IRC a couple of nights ago w.r.t. to this and the gentoo philosophy is going the other way

                        /usr/bin/python will symlink against the latest python /usr/bin/python -> /usr/bin/python3.0 (its not yet, still at py2.5)

                        All python libs that go into pythons site-packages are automatically taken care of

                        Scripts shall have their shebang sed'ed during emerge

                        The only big unknown is for libs that install outside of site-package (they aint to sure what todo with these)