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Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid's Theme

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  • Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid's Theme

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid's Theme

    Ubuntu users were promised a radical new desktop theme with Ubuntu 8.04 and then that ended up getting postponed to the upcoming 8.10 release (a.k.a. the Intrepid Ibex)...

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    Is it really all that important since most users [me included] will customize the desktop the way they want or create their own?


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      If you thought you were sick of the default theme now, just think how you'll feel in another six months!

      ...I really hope this doesn't go down this way, that would suck.


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        I didn't tested any alpha release yet, but that dark theme looked quite promising.


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          the theme's aight but that background is SOO UGLY...

          if you squint really hard it looks like brown


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            They should have just taken the Dust theme and got it up to spec and used it. It'd be perfect.


            I don't think it can be said for sure that they're not still planning to do that, I think they know how disappointed people would be if they used the same one.


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              If they keep the Human theme (or a slightly modified theme) that will show Ubuntu doesn't have the means of its ambitions - not because it doesn't have designers (lots of good themes have been created) but because the "managment" can't take any meaningful decision, nor give any artistic direction to the project. It will also be a slap in the face of every body that spend their time and energy creating new themes for Ubuntu, just to see their work is never acknowledged.

              I'm not one of those that find Human ugly, but nevertheless, there's a problem if they can't move forward after 4 or 5 years.

              I'd welcome a darkish (CDE-like, or dark purple old Solaris theme) - easier on the eyes, and a bit more original than the light gray/white Legacy Windows and OSX themes.

              Edit : Dust is indeed the theme I use atm for Intrepid, there's still inconsistencies (Firefox vs Thunderbird) but those would certainly be cleared in a heartbeat if everybody knew they'd chose Dust (unless, of course, a certain benevolent dictator decides he can't live without the antiquated human on all desktop).
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                Seriously, this is horrible. It makes me want to throw up.


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                  I hope they don't make the default theme dark.

                  Because that simply is dumb thinking and discarding 80% of the computer users really.


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                    Ubuntu's current theme: looks completely sh... ugly, is it a joke?
                    Dust theme: saw it for the first time... looks great!


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                      Any theme that makes title and menu bars look distinct instantly fails the elegance test.

                      ..but then, we should be combining them anyway and all using window-picker-applet for the title, but that's another can of worms.


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                        I'm with Daemon.

                        is it a slow news day? or do you guys just love Ubuntu so much that you'll take any excuse to write about it?


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                          Originally posted by jeffro-tull View Post
                          I'm with Daemon.

                          is it a slow news day? or do you guys just love Ubuntu so much that you'll take any excuse to write about it?
                          Allow me to show you a pretty little graph, Jeffro.

                          Ubuntu is becoming relevant. Hence, it gets coverage.


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                            So much for mark shuttleworth's besting of osx's looks.

                            Honestly If they cannot evolve the visual style (which was scheduled for the last release), then they have no hope. What makes it worse is that other distros manage it really well and arguably look far better to start with (without outlining the goal stated above).

                            Some of the concept designs for ubuntu look stunning, and it is a real shame that they fail every time to integrate some of the concept ideas


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                              I still say it's too early to give up on intrepid..