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Fedora 7 Excitement Begins

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    Originally posted by glussier View Post
    I tried with 2 computers and on both of them I goes until it asks for the language, I chose US English which is the default and then it doesn't see the dvd rom anymore and ask me to install a driver. I'm not the only one with that problem, seems like there is a lot of people with that same problem.

    Yeah, I ran into the problem but fixed it by using a USB DVD drive.
    Michael Larabel


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      nouveau project and fedora

      Yeah! an excitement indeed

      I was wondering. Does anyone know if there are any fedora developers actively participating to the nouveau project? Having working nouveau drivers in Fedora 7 will be really impressive.

      The livecd boots slowly. Nevertheless, after boot it looks like a finished product. Good state!

      Not having development tools in the Desktop flavour is a little bit annoying. It might be better to have an option during installation. Of course you can install them later via yum, but it would be nice to have the packages around in case internet connection is not available.


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        No Fedora developers are involved with Nouveau directly. It sounds like Nouveau won't be enabled by default in Fedora 7 but we shall see.
        Michael Larabel