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Manjaro Linux Developers Experience A Mass Exodus [Updated]

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    Originally posted by korrode View Post
    Some insight can be gained from my post to the AUR general mailing list:
    I have no idea what the internal conflict was about (and i don't really care), but you will probably find this useful:


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      Originally posted by lowflyer View Post
      I've been a follower of phoronix for the last 3+ years. I've seen you increasing the pace of new articles produced. I'm a workaholic too. But I've had to reduce my daily worktime to 10 hours or less, because it had a serious impact on the quality of my work.

      The quality of your articles has decreased significantly. You may have gotten away with being "duped" this time. Please stop your "10 articles a day" mantra. I don't want to see you making a complete fool out of yourself.

      Again: I prefer one single well researched article a day over 10 shallow fifteen-liners.

      regards Willi ...
      I think this is unfair as this hasn't really been the case in the previous months. There are less articles of higher quality for at least the previous months, especially compared to the days Michael would consistently point out ad-blockers.

      To be honest, I could make the argument that you're the fool.


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        Originally posted by computerquip View Post
        I think this is unfair
        Well, I don't think this is unfair. I understand very well that somebody *can* be swallowed up by his work without him realizing. Just look at the pace of articles. It's currently >= 10 a day! Its been so since begin (middle?) last year. I'm not a prophet, but a breakdown *will* happen. No, I'm not unfair, I could just silently leave...

        Look what others think:
        Originally posted by computerquip View Post
        You mean this wasn't already happening?
        I used to like Michael's articles (also with his face, according some comments)

        Originally posted by computerquip View Post
        To be honest, I could make the argument that you're the fool.
        I'd like to see that argumentation line...

        (PS: you are correct, I *am* an active user of AdBlock. See my profile.)


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          Ha, even the BSDs have a more stable developer base.