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Linux 3.14 Isn't Going To Make It Into Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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    What for? In 14.04 we will be able to simply hit the update button later on to get 3.14.


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      Originally posted by kobblestown View Post
      Does anyone here thinks that even LTS releases see production deployment the next day after release? It will take months if not years. So there should be no big harm in using the latest kernel if it brings tangible benefits.
      I know of at least one very large high-tech company that may start shipping Trusty on desktop as early as a month after release. I think they are very glad that 14.04 will see real regression testing and be decently stabilized _before_ actual release.


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        Originally posted by edoantonioco View Post
        I still don't understand why there is not an automatic repository for kernels in ubuntu. In the repository mentioned here each update of the kernel has to be installed manually, so I wonder why there are not a repo where the user just enable it and the kernel gets updated by its own.
        I think the same.

        And its true that regression testing is very important and i like that Ubuntu takes this seriously with their kernel, but in my case its just not perfect.

        The optimum for 14.04 would be: I choose the unstable(vanilla) kernel release, test it for my (small) use case and get automatically updated in the vanilla series as long until the kernel-development team catches up with their stable release for 3.14.. Maybe we should file a bug request for that. Debian packages are definitivly allowing that kind of packaging.


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          what is point of kernel freeze in april 3 if 3.14 cannot reach even if released before 3


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            Originally posted by tuuker View Post

            what is point of kernel freeze in april 3 if 3.14 cannot reach even if released before 3
            Canonical has several patches to apply them self and there are point releases (3.13.x) that they import patches from as well.


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              Originally posted by mendieta View Post
              I concur. For 3.14 to be included, it would have needed to be in testing a month ago. So, Ubuntu would have needed to put a very early rc in the repos, and pray that a final kernel release would happen in time for the LTS release, and also that no major regression appeared in the testing period. It would have been, simply, crazy. Anybody following kernel bug reports in any major distribution would agree, I think.
              I only agree partly. It is very clearly known what works and what not. Most blockers for new kernels arise from out of kernel drivers. Amd catalyst, Nvidia binary to name the most relevant for Ubuntu. These blockers alone justify the 3.13 kernel to be the kernel of choice.