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Unity 7 Still Being Tuned Ahead Of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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    Originally posted by chrisb View Post
    Dee, you seem to have me confused with someone who has an attachment to Ubuntu. In fact, I would have given exactly the same advice regardless of distro. "I use distro X, it's terrible, I hate it". So try another. There is plenty of choice.
    Well, first of all, the original poster to whom you originally responded to never said whether they currently use Ubuntu or not. With that in mind, allow me to reiterate the exact same thing I said in my previous post, since it seems you failed to read it on the first time:
    For that matter, I can honestly say "windows xp sucks horse dick". I don't currently use windows xp anymore, and haven't used it in years, so does that mean I can no longer have any opinion on windows xp? And if that is not the case, then why would it be the case for Ubuntu? Besides that, people may not always get to choose what OS they use. Some people may have to deal with OS's they don't like due to work, doing favors to friends, or any number of reasons.
    When you immediately attack someone just for voicing a negative opinion about Ubuntu, accuse them of trolling, dismiss their opinion... it definitely does not look like the words of someone who "has no attachment to Ubuntu".

    The fact that you are so irrationally consumed with anti-Ubuntu hatred is something you should try to admit and accept. Doing so will not only make you happy, but also bring you wealth and riches beyond your wildest dreams.
    Well, that's a pretty funny - if somewhat clumsy - attempt at turning the tables and throwing my own words against me, but it kind of fails in that I've never actually expressed any kind of anti-Ubuntu hatred. You're probably confusing me with someone else.


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      Why bring hatred to make yourself and others unhappy? If you dislike something you can just ignore it.