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Unity To Have Anti-Aliased Corners, Full GTK3 Theming

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    Originally posted by Pajn View Post
    Today it's possible in Unity 7 and until anyone from Canonical states otherwise I expect the same
    baseline of functionality.
    Someone DID state otherwise, like I said.
    " I understand the concerns, but considering that this design decision has been made so long time ago, and I think that having top panel buttons (for maximized windows) on the left and decoration buttons on the right is something not consistent at all, and thus it doesn't make much sense supporting it (considering it needs some extra work). I can probably make possible to use old decorations if much requested, but for now we've other priorities... "

    Unless they allow people to use the older decorations, it won't be possible by default. And in Unity 8, I doubt it will change.


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      Hilarious that it took this long and that it comes as news on a major Linux site.