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Planning Begins For Next Week's Ubuntu vUDS Summit

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    Originally posted by mrugiero View Post
    The problem is not that they could help, but that they could avoid dividing.
    Indeed ! But I think one fact added to the other makes the whole thing even more... regrettable, to say the least.


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      Originally posted by dh04000 View Post
      The fact you feel you need to abuse me and others I why I say you post hate. I have no idea why the mods tolerate your honestly disgusting attacks on people here on the forum. You don't fight points, you try to harm others.
      Ah, so that's your next step. Can I say you're as predictable as sunrise on the north pole, or is that another "disgusting attack" on your character?

      It's easy for you to claim I "don't fight points" when you don't bother addressing any points I make, and rather ignore them and try to dodge the issue by evasive maneuvers, such as attempting to direct the conversation towards my bedside manner.

      Do however note that I haven't made any personal insults towards you. I haven't called you a "whiny, butthurt little bitch" or any such thing. Inference does not equal implication, if you infer out of my posts that I think you're a whiny little bitch, that's not my fault because I've never said or even implied any such thing. I'm being perfectly civil and cordial.

      I do think you're an irrational fanboy, or at the very least behaving like one. That's not a personal insult, that's a honest assessment of your behaviour so far. I've explained, very clearly and consicely, why that is the case. If you do not want to be seen as an irrational fanboy throwing a tantrum, I suggest you engage in some actual discussion and address some points, make some actual arguments for why you think Canonical is justified in their recent decisions. Refute the criticism with logical arguments, instead of tantrums and logical fallacies. Don't accuse people who criticize Canonical's actions of "hate" or "jealousy" or any such thing - show why they are wrong by making rational points. Until you start doing that, no one here is going to take you seriously - barring, of course, other members of your in-group, but if you only want to engage with people who agree with you I suggest you stick to Ubuntu forums or somesuch.


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        Originally posted by omer666 View Post
        Also with the utter failure of Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu Edge, I can't see the point in developing Mir any more, so that the whole time and effort put in it is just lost.
        Ubuntu phone hasn't even been released yet. Where did it fail? (Ubuntu Edge is a different project)


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          Originally posted by boast View Post
          Ubuntu phone hasn't even been released yet. Where did it fail? (Ubuntu Edge is a different project)
          Where it didn't get attention from hardware manufacturers, which led to them trying to crowd-fund Ubuntu Edge, which failed as well.