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Ubuntu 13.10 Derivatives Do Their Alpha 2 Release

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    Originally posted by DanL View Post
    The Alpha releases seem kind of superfluous to me. The people who run the dev branch of Ubuntu use/test it as a rolling release, so a release candidate or two should be suitable.

    As for Xfce), I use it because I love it and I too would run it on a system with a 4770k, Geforce Titan, etc. About the only thing I don't like is the infrequent video tearing, and I may try to run Weston on top of it to solve that.
    Tearing and linux are friends..., wait for wayland


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      Originally posted by DanL View Post
      Yea the tearing in XFCE (thanks to xrender which doesn't have vsync capability) is annoying, but I found about Compton and my tearing issues are gone in XFCE.

      You may like Compton as well.


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        Originally posted by verde View Post
        S/He is the biggest anti-Ubuntu troll in here. Don't take his claims seriously. He would never try Ubuntu in any case.
        Oh, I see. Lol.

        S/He isn't even a very good troll.